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Expert is an accomplished business process and management consultant with a track record and recognition as an ace in his field. A change agent with expertise and experience in LEAN business transformation and change management, Expert has 20 years' experience analyzing business processes and providing consulting services to develop, implement, optimize business processes and transform operations successfully utilizing LEAN and Operational Excellence methodologies.

Expert is a certified Lean Six Sigma Green Belt and practicing Black Belt managing improvement projects that have yielded up to a half a billion dollars in savings. He has consulted with and led business process improvement initiatives in multiple industries, such as Automotive, Aerospace, IT, Medical Device, Heavy Equipment, Retail and Consumer Products, for high-profile clients such as Ford Motor Co., Johnson and Johnson, Amgen, Harley-Davidson, Boeing, and Caterpillar.

Expert's consultancy focus is on back office transactional business processes such as finance, product development, sales and marketing, supply chain and distribution. He also possesses considerable expertise in LEAN manufacturing.

Expert has consistently demonstrated the following attributes:
 Results-oriented leader;
 Business-minded and technically savvy;
 Visionary leader who builds, motivates, mentors and leads successful multidisciplinary teams to outstanding performance and professional growth;
 Proven track record for planning, executing and adjusting to meet or exceed all business objectives in a dynamic business environment;
 Well organized, resourceful and systematic problem-solver;
 Builds excellent customer relationships showing high regard for customer satisfaction and quality;
 Effective, respected and successful negotiator;
 Aptitude for assessing new situations and making key decisions;
 Fresh eyes and data-driven approach;
 The ability to learn quickly and apply acquired knowledge; and
 Extensive analytical skills with an engineering background.

Expert is an accomplished business strategy consultant with a track record and recognition as an ace in his field. He assists clients in developing and implementing very creative, effective and cost-effective LEAN business strategies, strategic plans for achieving the business vision, mission and all business objectives.

Expert has accrued 12 years' experience consulting with high-profile clients such as Ford Motor Co., Harley Davidson and Caterpillar. In this capacity, he has created creative strategies and approaches to business that have enabled incredible results while mitigating business and financial risk. He has researched, planned and developed creative mechanisms to assist clients in forming successful strategic partnerships, mergers and acquisitions. In this sphere, he focuses on strategies and negotiation tactics for closing deals and additionally planning for successful execution once the deal is closed.

An accomplished Program Manager, Expert has amassed a strong track record and recognition as an ace in his field. He specializes in LEAN program planning and implementation with a focus on minimizing program timing, resource loading and cost and "fast track" programs that require very fast turnaround with minimal resources.

Expert possesses 28 years' experience in Program and Project Management servicing high-profile clients such as Ford Motor Co., General Motors, Eaton Corp., Caterpillar, John Deere, Case Co., Boeing, Harley Davidson and Johnson & Johnson in multiple industries: Automotive, Aerospace, Medical Device, Heavy Equipment and IT.

All of Expert's program and project management consulting engagements have resulted in meeting or exceeding all business objectives, staying within budgets and completing projects within the projected time frame.

An effective leader in achieving business process excellence, Expert can lead a team to develop and implement LEAN business and manufacturing processes to optimize operations, achieve low-cost efficiency and sustainability and operational excellence. Methods therein consist of business culture transformation, change management and LEAN methodologies. Expert has developed a proven track record for leading the effort to achieve difficult business objectives, missions and realize business leadership’s visions in multiple industries as a consultant.

Expert may consult nationally and internationally, and is also local to the following cities: San Antonio, Texas - Austin, Texas - Round Rock, Texas - Victoria, Texas

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Year Degree Subject Institution
Year: 1983 Degree: B.S.M.E. Subject: Mechanical Engineering Institution: University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

Work History

Years Employer Title Department Responsibilities
Years: 2006 to Present Employer: Undisclosed Title: Owner and Business Process Consultant Department: Responsibilities: Expert operates and manages a small business management consulting firm in San Antonio, TX. His firm delivers business process consulting services to multiple clients in multiple industries.
Years: 2012 to Present Employer: Undisclosed Title: Strategic Planning and Acquisitions Consultant Department: Responsibilities: Expert serves this Fortune 100 company by providing automotive corporate business process and top level global strategic initiatives. Among other achievements, he has developed and researched several possible acquisitions as part of a long-term strategic plan / initiative project for C-level executives. He has also determined feasibility for each potential acquisition, including risk assessment, capitalization requirements, source funding, financial projections, complexity, probability of success, and post-acquisition transition/integration effort. He also devised acquisition strategies for the top three feasible potential acquisitions and made recommendation to executive management to make key decisions.
Years: 2015 to 2018 Employer: Harley-Davidson Title: Business Process Consultant Department: Responsibilities: Expert developed and led the implementation of a motorcycle customization process for North American dealers as a consultant under contract. He developed strategic partnerships with nine aftermarket V-Twin motorcycle component suppliers to supply dealers with desirable aftermarket components for motorcycle customization. He developed and led the implementation of a “direct to dealer” supply chain system enabling dealers to kit components per the custom design quickly reducing the time to complete the customization by 40-50%. He developed and led the implementation of a point-of-sale motorcycle customization design process.
Years: 2014 to 2018 Employer: Biosense Webster, Inc.; Johnson & Johnson Title: Process Improvement Consultant Department: Responsibilities: Expert's significant accomplishments whilst serving this company as Process Improvement Consultant consist of the following:

1. He led the development and implementation effort for two product development process requirements management processes as a consultant under contract for the Biosense Webster Division of Johnson and Johnson. The first was for a response to a compliance improvement effort (voluntary CAP) regarding the documentation of product requirements on seven medical device products that were in or nearing commercial production. The second was a LEAN QFD process for developing and managing product requirements from the collection and analysis of VOC’s (Voice of The Customer) and CBR’s (Critical Business Requirements), and the derivation of seven levels of requirements in the cascade down to the manufacturing process specification level. Each of these projects involved the development and implementation of a process for determining and applying CTQ’s (Critical to Quality) and CR’s (Critical Requirements) resulting in robust product design, verification and validation and GMP (Good Manufacturing Process) exceeding US FDA, European Union MDD and Japan medical device standards.

2. Expert developed and led the implementation effort for a LEAN risk management process compliant with the ISO 14971:2012 risk management standard for medical devices and was integrated into the product development process for class 3 medical devices at the Biosense Webster Division of Johnson and Johnson as a consultant under contract.

3. Expert led the development and implementation effort for a LEAN Design Verification process for the Biosense Webster Division of Johnson and Johnson as a consultant under contract that resulted in a 35% cost reduction in design verification expenditures and an average 5-month reduction in time to complete medical device design verification, allowing faster commercialization to market implementation of new medical devices.
Years: 2016 to 2017 Employer: Amogen Corp Title: Business Improvement Consultant Department: Responsibilities: Expert led the development and implementation effort for a LEAN process for design history file management that is compliant with US FDA 21CFR820 medical device standards and European Union MDD standards as a consultant under contract for Amgen. The improved business process minimized compliance risks that had previously existed while reducing the time, effort and resources needed to manage medical combination device design history files by stream lining the process, aligning resource activities and eliminating duplication of effort and waste.
Years: 2016 to 2017 Employer: Double Rafter H Construction Title: Business Improvement Consultant Department: Responsibilities: Expert consulted with DHR Construction to develop and lead the implementation of several LEAN business processes to streamline and significantly improve efficiency, profit margin and financial results. LEAN business processes that were developed and implemented were in the areas of accounts receivable and revenue collection, accounts payable and supply chain management, sales and opportunity bidding, construction site operations, construction equipment and tools management, and maintenance and financial/accounting operations. These efforts enabled DRH Construction to operate and sustain business operations and revenue generation during a lean economic period in the oil field construction business while successfully transitioning into other business sectors.
Years: 2014 to 2016 Employer: VT San Antonio Aerospace, Div. VT Systems Title: Process Improvement Consultant Department: Responsibilities: Expert consulted with this large maintenance and repair operation for commercial airliners on the application of LEAN operations methods to improve profitability of a NGS (nitrogen gas system) modification for Boeing 737 and 757 aircraft. The cost of installing the modification reduced the cost by 30% and improved delivery time by 9%.
Years: 2013 to 2018 Employer: Muzology / Music DNA, LLC Title: Business Strategist and Consultant Department: Responsibilities: As consultant under contract with this technology startup in the Learning and Education Technology space, Expert developed and led the implementation of initial business strategies and plans -- including sales and marketing plans, distribution plans and financial projections -- and, subsequently, a formal LEAN product development and requirements management process for the development of music leaning products for middle-school-aged children.
Years: 2012 to 2013 Employer: Kinetic Concepts, Inc. Title: Product Development / Test & Verification Process Engineer Department: AHS Division Responsibilities: Expert undertook medical device product development and manufacturing as consultant under contract. He led verification and validation efforts on 3 new medical device designs and served as a significant contributor to obtaining FDA approval for the devices. In this role, Expert innovated a LEAN streamlined approach for product development to conceptualize and design products using VOC’s through product requirements development. He led the effort to use a risk-based approach to product verification based on historic FDA submission acceptability and leveraging similar released product knowledge and field experience. He reported to the Director of Product Development Services and two Directors of Innovation Teams.
Years: 2012 to 2012 Employer: Albany Engineered Composites Title: Manufacturing Systems Development Consultant Department: Responsibilities: As consultant under contract in Composite Aerospace Component Manufacturing, Expert led a team of manufacturing plant personnel, engineers and quality personnel using lean methods to significantly optimized and re-engineer a manufacturing process for producing carbon fiber RTM molded aircraft components resulting in improved first yield from 13% to 83% a 35% cost reduction, a 34% reduction in cycle time and 3-person-per-shift reduction in shop floor labor. He reported to the General Manager, Director of Engineering and Program Manager.
Years: 2011 to 2012 Employer: Skyway Group / Sierra Industries Title: Business Process Consultant Department: Manufacturing Process Improvement & Program Management Responsibilities: Expert served this group as consultant under contract in the modification of business jets. In this role, he developed vital business processes for an emerging division of the Skyway Group that provided PMO (project management office) services to key customers for executive jet aircraft modifications. He developed the division’s standard NPI process, program management process, accounts receivable / payable processes, communications improvement plan, capital equipment purchasing authorization process and all project status reporting templates and dashboards. He demonstrated new processes and provided guidance on two key programs until all objectives were satisfied. In a separate effort, Expert led the effort to optimize component manufacturing operations for another company division, Sierra Industries. He developed improved job scheduling and material handling protocols, material purchasing and inventory control and shop floor organizational structure. He managed manufacturing operations until objectives were met and the client secured a permanent replacement.
Years: 2010 to 2011 Employer: Caterpillar Hydraulics Division Title: Hydraulics Engineering Cost Improvement Specialist Department: Responsibilities: Expert worked in heavy equipment hydraulic systems component manufacturing and product development. During this time, he led a team as a consultant on 3 Strategic Supplier Initiative programs using lean methods resulting in $38 mil cost reduction over four years ($475 mil spend), quality improvements from 300 ppm levels to below 50 ppm levels in four months, and on-time delivery improvement from 76% to 99% in 7 months. He developed a joint development partnership between Caterpillar and a hydraulic pump manufacturer to develop new state-of-the-art low-cost pump technology to save an additional $13 mil per year with a 300% ROI after 2 years. He led the effort for the capitalization of the joint development partnership and the conceptualization of the technology.
Years: 2009 to 2010 Employer: Manuel American Designs Inc. Title: Business Process Consultant Department: Responsibilities: As consultant under contract to this exclusive fashion design and apparel manufacturer, Expert developed strategic plans for the international expansion of the brand. Results included record growth in Q4 2009, a 42% reduction in operating expenses, a 17% increase in gross profit, and hiring back all laid off workers.
Years: 1984 to 2009 Employer: Various Title: Various Department: Responsibilities: Prior to his current role as a consultant, Expert served the following employers: eServ Corp / Perot Systems; Touché Coach;
Check Tech Financial Corporation; Baillio’s Wireless;
Creative Universe & The 2153 Experience; SunSource Technology Services; SPSS, Inc.; Top Source Instruments, Inc.; AVL North America; Progressive Results, Ltd.; Modern Engineering Services Co.; Colt Industries, Holley Automotive Division; and Chrysler Corporation. His titles in these roles, respectively, were: Program Manager and Senior Engineering Consultant; Program Manager, Product & Supplier Development; Director of Engineering (consultant under contract);B2B Account Manager; GM / Owner; Senior Account Manager; Manager of Consulting and Services; National Sales Manager; Account Manager / Consulting Engineer; President / Owner; Consulting and Contract Engineer; Project Engineer, Fuel Injection Systems Product Development; Project Engineer, Emissions System Development; and Project Engineer, Climate Control.

Career Accomplishments

Licenses / Certifications
Six Sigma Green Belt
Publications and Patents Summary
Expert is inventor and holder of 8 U.S. patents.

Language Skills

Language Proficiency
French Familiar with speaking, reading and writing

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