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Expert has been involved in research and development, and test and integration of defense and commercial communications systems for 25 years. He designed and tested US Navy analog sonar systems, and the F/A 18 flight simulator power controller for the US Navy. He also managed the design and fabrication of US Navy Underwater Egress Simulators for the A6 and A7 aircraft. He designed and tested satellite echo cancellers and audio/video codecs for AT&T Bell Labs. He was project engineer/leader for US Navy avionics Test Program Set development for the LAMPS SH60, F/A 18 Hornet and AV8 Harrier.

He served as Task Leader for the development of the Army Test Program Set Environment and Intermediate Forward Test Equipment. He has performed survivability and vulnerability analysis for the US Air Force C37 aircraft, and for the US Army Warfighter Information Network. He drafted the System Threat Assessment Report and Security Classification Guide for WIN-T. He served as the Army Information Assurance Security Officer coordinator for WIN-T. He is currently co chair for the US Army and NATO JTIDS 2M system on the Joint International configuration Review Board (JICRB).

He is a senior member of the National Association of Radio and Telecommunications Engineers. NARTE engineers perform most of the Army and Navy C4I tests at Fort Huachuca and Patuxent River. He is the only NARTE master radio and telecom engineer at CECOM
Expert has served as program manager, project engineer for Army and Navy programs since 1979. He has managed programs with values up to $83 million and up to 45 personnel. His technical knowledge ranges from the component level to the systems level. He is a lifetime subscriber and avid reader of dozens of technical journals including, Electronics Design News, Photonic Spectra, Sea Technnogy, Test And Measurement World, Avionics, Avionic News, Military and Aerospace, RF News, Microwave News, Wireless News.

He has recommended improvements in legacy and future military communications systems. He was the Project Leader and Source Selection Evaluation Board co chair for the US Army Secure Wireless Local Area Network, and Flying Local Area Network. He has conducted Preliminary/System Design Reviews for the US Army. He has produced and conducted seminars on C4ISR, Future Combat Systems and Network Centric Warfare. He currently is technical coordinator and configuration manager for Foreign Military Sales of Link 16 radio navigation systems to NATO and non-NATO allies. He has written a paper on Mitigating Bandwidth Constraints for Tactical Communications. He submitted proposals to the Army and Navy in 1994 for robotic land and sea platforms, which are now used in the Future Combat Systems. In 2000 he proposed adding a 100 db overhead door to the MacAfee Center anechoic chamber to enable larger military platforms to be tested. That capacity was made available in 2004.
He is the recipient of the National Defense Service Medal and Cold War Certicate.

Leading Change:
Expert has been a leader on 5 Army and Navy projects/programs over the last 25 years. He has managed analysts, engineers, logisticians, and drafts people. He has always had an open door, open phone policy when it comes to technical and personal issues. He has successfully counseled employees on matters of discrimination and harassment, as well as problems involving divorce and depression.
He is always thinking of future systems and has been an advocate of Small Business Innovative Research. He has corresponded with the US President and US Congress on many occasions, with many positive responses. He encourages all employees to present their ideas, and to develop them into viable projects. He is an advocate of group problem solving and brainstorming.

Leading People:
Expert has demonstrated ability, not only to deal with individual technical and personal problems, but those of other organizations that he deals with on a daily basis.
His peers know him as a fair and honest professional, that always considers other opinions besides his own. He is practices what he preaches when it comes to cultural diversity, since he comes from a multicultural family. His peers are open with him in terms of sharing personal and family problems because they know he will keep everything confidential, and at the same time do everything in his power to help them.
He believes that the way to achieve success is to let employees set their own goals.
There should be no status quo. Each employee must set his or her own goals for improvement each year. He realizes that the most important thing in any organization in the individual. If you take care of the little problems, the big problems will take care of themselves.

Results Driven:
Expert believes that open lines of communications are the key to successful, program management. He maintains daily communications with his own immediate team as well as with those of other organizations. He realizes that keeping all team members informed on a daily basis is the only way the effectively deliver on time and within budget. He is constantly aware, that as a project/ program progresses that requirements can change and that better ways of doing things become apparent. This ability to be flexible to the changes that take place in any project enables quick response and correction. Keep constantly aware of programmatics and working contingency plans. Constantly looking for a better way to build a mousetrap and providing incentives for employees to perform more efficiently.

Business acumen:
Expert maintains daily communications with cost analysts, engineers and logisticians in order to coordinate all aspects of program/ project management. He has actively recruited personnel and marketed programs coast to coast, and has hired men and women of diverse backgrounds. He strongly believes in recognition of the people that perform above and beyond the call of duty. The recognition can come in the form of a handshake, a letter, a certificate, a dinner, a pay raise, or promotion. He has the ability to market where he believes there is a technical need that he and his team can fill. He is not afraid of risk, because he knows that there is no failure, only another experience upon which to build the next endeavor. He has worked closely with personnel from AT&T, BAE, CSC, CACI, IBM, Harris, General Dynamics, Northrop Grumman, Motorola, Northrop, L3 and Litton.

Building Coalitions/ Communications:
Expert participates in national and international working groups that promote interoperability and at the same time, secure communications. He is a member of the Joint Interoperability Control Review Board, International Data Link Society, IEEE Test Society, and Department of Defense Wireless Working Group. He served as chairman on the ETA and NARTE avionics certification working groups. He has worked with all of these groups to enhance defense and commercial communications services. He maintains contact with government and contract personnel at AMCOM SED, CECOM SEC, CECOM SAMD, CECOM LRC, EPG/JITC, NAVAIR/NAEC, PAX River, SPAWAR, Hanscom ESC and WRALC


Year Degree Subject Institution
Year: 1976 Degree: AA/BA Subject: Electronics Institution: Thomas Edison College

Work History

Years Employer Title Department Responsibilities
Years: 1962 to 1984 Employer: (Undisclosed) Title: Technical Aide Department: Switching /Tramsmission Responsibilities: Design and test circuits for telecom.

Government Experience

Years Agency Role Description
Years: 1999 to 2008 Agency: US Army Role: Engineer Description: Radio Development and Testing

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