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Expert's career in packaging has involved all aspects of design, development, and qualification testing of product and package systems. Protective packaging enables products to survive the normal transportation and distribution handling hazards of shock, vibration, compression, humidity, and temperature. He is familiar with protective packaging in numerous industries, including the chemical, pharmaceutical, beverage, electronics, automotive, and medical device trades.

His experience in design and development of protective packaging in the chemical, pharmaceutical, beverage, and electronics industries has exposed him to all types of packaging materials, systems, and product and package system compatibility and evaluation. He has hands-on training with many materials, including glass, metal, plastic, paperboard, adhesives, foam cushioning, foil, corrugated, and wood packaging materials. He has also worked with tubes, bottles, closures, cans, boxes, crates, point of purchase displays, blister packaging, card packs, films, foam-in-place, pallets, strapping, and tapes.

Expert has kept up-to-date on current regulatory requirements for environmental packaging and has developed processes to establish and manage an environmental packaging program for companies. He has also contributed to the publication of two handbooks on the subject.

Expert successfully managed the corporate packaging and material handling function of a multinational $10 billion company for over eight years. His personal involvement, including travel to sites in 11 countries outside the U.S., exposed him to numerous worldwide packaging and handling requirements.

His cross-industry experience has resulted in the development of packaging and handling policies, standards, specifications, procedures, guidelines, and other packaging documentation required to successfully manage the packaging function, from the "bench engineer" level through the corporate level, on a worldwide basis.

Expert has experience testing product and package systems for evaluation and qualification, ranging from medical and pharmaceutical to electronics. He has also been involved with the writing of product and package testing standards for over fifteen years.

Among his responsibilities for over twenty years has been the development, publication, and management of consensus standards for package design, development, testing, and material handling.

Expert has had direct exposure and experience with truck, rail, ocean, and air transportation, as well as intermodal transporation. This exposure has given him the ability to measure and understand the transportation hazards of shock, vibration, compression, temperature, and humidity.

Involved with cost reduction throughout entire career.

Over thirty years’ experience in shipment package design, development, and management of
Packaging, Material Handling, and Industrial Engineering operations.
• Extensive worldwide distribution operations experience.
• Broad base in product/package system testing.
• Proficiency in developing technical packaging documentation.
• Working knowledge of HAZMAT regulations and requirements.
• Understanding of environmental packaging design requirements.
• Significant contributions to quality and cost reduction/containment.
• 13 years experience with service parts packaging
• Recognized for innovation and problem solving/prevention.
• Extensive international travel and responsibility.
• Quoted in national packaging and transportation publications

Performed product/package system design and testing.Evaluated furniture packaging/transportation for cost containment and damage prevention. Performed product/package system design and testing for electronic components packaging. Evaluated packaging/transportation for cost containment.Audited packaging practices and recommended improvements.

Expert may consult nationally and internationally, and is also local to the following cities: Detroit, Michigan - Warren, Michigan - Flint, Michigan - Sterling Heights, Michigan - Lansing, Michigan - Ann Arbor, Michigan - Livonia, Michigan - Dearborn, Michigan - Westland, Michigan - Toledo, Ohio

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Year Degree Subject Institution
Year: 1969 Degree: B.S. Subject: Packaging Institution: Michigan State University

Work History

Years Employer Title Department Responsibilities
Years: 1991 to Present Employer: Undisclosed Title: Consultant Department: Responsibilities: Performs product/package system design and does material handling/distribution consulting. He also gives expert witness testimony.
Years: 1983 to 1991 Employer: Unisys Corporation Title: Manager, Corporate Packaging Engineering Department: Responsibilities: Had worldwide corporate responsibility for packaging and material handling engineering with a $10 billion manufacturing company, providing functional direction and technical support to all divisions. He developed packaging policies and standards, and audited for compliance. He provided technical data on distribution environment hazards. He acted as a liaison between distribution and manufacturing divisions and controlled cost- reduction activities. He had direct distribution division responsibility for packaging, material handling, and industrial engineering.
Years: 1978 to 1983 Employer: Computer Peripherals Title: Senior Packaging Engineer Department: Responsibilities: Had divisional responsibility for packaging and material handling, testing, packaging material procurement, cost reduction, and vendor selection for table and console printer products.
Years: 1974 to 1978 Employer: Faygo Beverages Title: Packaging Quality Control Supervisor Department: Responsibilities: Supervised six technicians (B.S./M.S.) in all aspects of quality control for production materials, packaging materials, and final product in a high-speed manufacturing environment.
Years: 1970 to 1974 Employer: Parke-Davis & Company Title: Senior Packaging Engineer Department: Responsibilities: Performed project work developing packaging and packaging systems for new and existing products and divisional packaging cost reductions.
Years: 1969 to 1970 Employer: Eastman Kodak Title: Packaging Engineer Department: Responsibilities: Provided customer service and did basic research in hot melt adhesives and various skin packaging and cushioning materials/systems.

International Experience

Years Country / Region Summary
Years: 1983 to 1991 Country / Region: Europe Summary: Had extensive packaging and distribution operations experience in Europe during this time.

Additional Experience

Expert Witness Experience
Expert has acted as an expert witness in over 130 cases, both for the defense and for the plaintiff. His expertise includes palletizing, storage, and warehousing; material handling/product loss; trailer/ocean freight/container/ rail car loading, blocking, and bracing; transportation/distribution; federal trucking regulations; product packaging and labeling; and packaging materials.
Training / Seminars
He has conducted training seminars on product/package design/development and product fragility evaluaton.
Vendor Selection
Expert has extensive experience in vendor selection and establishing national pricing agreements for the procurement of packaging materials. He has experience locating vendors of packaging materials, packaging equipment, and packaging consultants. He has access to the following resources: bound magazines; commercial, industry, and military standards; video tapes; photographs; training manuals; books; and worldwide personal contacts.
Marketing Experience
He has experience bringing a new concept in a cushioned pallet to market.
Other Relevant Experience
He has experience with bar code labeling and automatic identification for products and packaging, warehouse and inventory, and distribution control systems. He is also familiar with the technical capabilities and mechanics of bar codes and automatic identification, as well as the management of the implementation process.

Worldwide responsibility for Packaging and Material Handling Engineering with a $10 Billion
manufacturing company providing functional direction and technical support to all divisions.
Additional experience with packaging of computers and other electromechanical devices, consumer
products, service parts, and Rx/OTC pharmaceuticals.
• Drove distribution requirements as part of product design.
• Provided technical data on distribution environment hazards.
• Liaison between Distribution and Manufacturing Divisions.
• Provided training for all business units.
• Audited for compliance with packaging standards.
• Developed two Service Parts Packaging programs.
• Developed national agreements for packaging materials.
• Developed award-winning Design for Distribution video.
• Developed Product/Package Teamwork video.
• Provided support for improved productivity in Distribution.
• Wrote Physical Distribution System Handbook.
• Won awards for profit improvement and technical excellence.
• Designed/developed first “break-away” cushioned pallet.
• Designed contest-winning dispenser package.
• Hold two patents for packaging systems.
• Developed cushion wrap material still in use after 26 years.

Language Skills

Language Proficiency
Spanish Expert can speak and read Spanish to a limited degree.

Fields of Expertise

protective packaging material, distribution packaging material, package design, packaging development, packaging engineering, packaging process, beverage packaging process, medical device packaging design, primary packaging, repackaging, secondary packaging, solid packaging process, thermoformed package, vacuum packaging, product-package system, electronic equipment protective packaging development, packaging design review, packaging evaluation, packaging material, packaging technology, container design, corrugated packaging material, cushioning material, glass packaging material, padding material, pallet wrapping material, plastic packaging material, rigid packaging material, wrapping material, environmentally friendly packaging material, international packaging requirement, export packaging requirement, package handling, packaging document, package testing, packaging testing, package testing standard, package testing requirement, American Society for Testing and Materials packaging standard, Department of Transportation packaging standard, medical device packaging standard, packaging specification, transportation hazard, mechanical shock, package cost reduction, transport packaging, automatic identification, returnable container, two-part package, plastic shipping container, drug container, packaging material selection, bag-in-box packaging process, package regulation, airborne packaging material, household appliance packaging process, plastic platform pallet, packaged product, transit testing, shipping testing, consumer product packaging, pallet handling, cosmetic product package, light bulb packaging, lamp packaging, plastic package testing, electronic component protective packaging, medical device package integrity, medical device packaging material, recyclable packaging material, dairy product packaging material, dairy product package, corrugated carton, medical package, food package, household product packaging process, corrugated boxboard, corrugated box specification, packaging system, foam-in-place, product-package system compatibility evaluating, printed circuit board packaging, blister packaging process, ASTM packaging test-method standard, product-package system development, corrugated paperboard, American Society for Testing and Materials, packaging standard, platform pallet, unitized load, bagging material, package, unitizing, slip sheet, railroad shipping, plastic package, palletizing, freight handling, flexible package, container failure, display-ready case, corrugated paperboard shipping container, container transportation, container handling, package closure

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