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Expert has been practicing concurrent engineering for the last five years and this business strategy has brought him to consider all the tasks in parallel during initial design stages. Since Expert has designed products meant for mass market, this strategy has helped him to reduce product design and manufacturing cycle time, cost and also work within the limits of an organization’s resources and optimize them. Expert has been able to form concurrent engineering teams in client's place who now have got good development process and improve team spirit & productivity. Expert feels that CONCURRENT ENGINEERING is an essential part of any deign process.

Expert has been designing packages for many products starting from lifestyle to FMCG for the last three years. He has been a sincere follower of lifestyle trends, generation trends, material trends& innovations to provide defining solutions to client. His designs used to carry forward the legacy of those research. Material knowledge, production process know-how, Production line understanding, knowledge of possibilities & limitations of secondary processes over those packages has helped him to design innovative practical packages. His buzzword is "Inspiring Yet Practical."

Expert being in the packaging design for lifestyle market for last 3 years has made him to understand the trends, generation style changes, manufacturing limitations and possibilities. Being a self driven person with entrepreneurship ideas, he has explored new product ideas too. He has been a part of team to design a line of eye, skin, face, lip make up products for an international company.

One of the important constraints Expert starts a design process is cost - just not manufacturing cost alone but also other costs like production, transportation, assembly, maintenance and repair etc... 90% of the products designed by Expert is meant for mass market which shows that how each and every penny is important. Manufacturing knowledge, user task analysis and common sense are the important aspects Expert relies in this area to come out with products well within client's budget. Expert, when he presents concepts, he gives the projected costs.

Having designed products for mass market for the last 4 years made Expert to learn the trickiest things in manufacturing process to utilize the manufacturing potential to the extent possible without compromising quality, time and cost. Highly knowledgeable in blow molding, injection molding, metal injection molding, sheet metal process, Composite manufacturing, etc. Expert works on standardizing and simplifying the part design, but in certain cases, a specialized part design may save lot of cost, time and improve quality. He always chooses the best method.

As an industrial designer "Design process" has been a vital part of his life. Every project will follow the design process. When he gets a brief, he starts with the research (User, competitor analysis, market analysis etc..), then defining the research results by various methods so that everyone can understand the expected output for a product/service/solution, Concept generation aided by concurrent engineering, concept refinement and focus group testing, Concept development and engineering, Prototype development and testing.

One of the very strong skills Expert has his ideation capabilities. He has developed his own methods of generating inspiring quality ideas in short time. Because of this skill, he could come up with really fascinating ideas which has taken his clients off guard. To be highly successful and entirely different and innovative, this phase to be too strong. Expert's own experimentation with creative methods few years back ahs helped him to hone the skill.

Expert feels, if we could develop an entrepreneurship mind, then with design back ground getting new product ideas is not a big deal. He tries to bring out innovation in all products in someway, either by changing configuration, or by applying new process, or by new material or by way of aesthetics, or by secondary process etc.

Expert's mass customization phase started with one of the project where he had to design a bottle for European and American market but at the same time, which can go into various market segments like formal, sporty, cool etc.. He has designed bottles in such a way that with secondary treatments and graphics, it can be easily related to various fields. The aesthetics has been worked out in such a way that the form can go with many standard caps and collars bring out different design combinations. From then on, he now and then handles project where client wants him to design one product but cater to different market segments.

Coming out with new product ideas for clients has becoming part and parcel of life. Expert feels, if we could develop an entrepreneurship mind, then with design back ground getting new product ideas is not a big deal. He does have bag of tricks to come out with product ideas from the basis of existing product line or to have completely new product ideas. Knowledge of the volatile market and manufacturing knowledge is also essential for feasibility of the idea.

Being an Industrial designer, almost all his products are newly developed one and each project had technical challenges to make it feasible. The real challenge is to bring out the agreed design in most economical way. Expert and his team have developed a habit of studying various components/parts/products to keep track of engineering details, manufacturing wonders, etc... These studies have indirectly helped them to come out with successful prototypes in the first phase itself. Lot of research before designing helps us to shorten the development cycle.

For one of his recent projects (5 liter can), Expert has worked on various parameters to reduce cycle time. He worked on the features of aesthetics to reduce die machining time without compromising approved design, of to avoid flow variations (Time consumed), to reduce amount of material consumed (less material- less time), etc. While designing, the maximum sizes of the can were taken care to maintain their production rate considering the sizes of their filling machine (Saving production time). The aesthetics were also worked upon to take care of packaging cans inside a carton bos and also one over the other (Reducing packing time and able to transport more containers per lot). Also ergonomics were taken care to allow efficient usage of the product. Generally in other products, he does take care assembly, maintenance problems etc... during design stage.

Depending on the product, he carries out various tests like statistical analysis, focus group testing, physical testing of the product to determine strengths etc. As a designer, Expert has the responsibility to design most relevant product and test as much as possible with the user in the respective environment.

Visual Branding for one of the leading Fire and Safety product manufacturers in India. Expert has developed products which resemble a particular language and can be identified by anybody as part of particular company. He has closely interacted with the client to bring out product concepts with contemperory designs and also worked on engineering and manufacturing consultation.Print/Poster Ad campaigns for an FMCG product. Based on the target segment, he came out with different concept directions, which were then promoted as ads.Designed bottles for a perfume manufacturer. The bottles were designed in such a way, it can be customized to be used in various categories. Designed a range of water heaters for one of the leading water heater manufacturer in India. The designs were done based on the market input, challenges, need for drastic differentiation and to inspire promotional ideas.


Year Degree Subject Institution
Year: 2004 Degree: M.S Industrial Design Subject: Industrial Design Institution: IIT Kanpur, India
Year: 2000 Degree: B.E Subject: Production Institution: Madras University

Work History

Years Employer Title Department Responsibilities
Years: 2003 to 2005 Employer: Emantras Pvt. Ltd Title: Industrial Designer Department: Product Design Responsibilities: Pre-design research,Conceptualisation, Concept development, presentation, prototyping
Years: 2005 to 2006 Employer: Sunray Designs Pvt. Ltd Title: Packaging and Industrial Designer Department: Product Design Responsibilities: Designed perfume bottles for american/european markets for various categories. The categories range from sporty bottles to classical. Concepts were developed with an eye on mass manufacturing constraints. He has worked on developing secondary packaging concepts.
Years: 2006 to Present Employer: Undisclosed Title: Creative Director Department: Industrial Design Responsibilities: Bechmark preparation, Interaction with clients to understand their thoughts and goals, providing soultions which is more than just Industrial design services, Conceptualisation, engineering development of products, Plastic part, FRP, Sheet metal design guidance, New product ideas, Prototyping innovations, etc..

International Experience

Years Country / Region Summary
Years: to Present Country / Region: Summary: Designed bottles for European, American and Arabian markets.
Years: to Present Country / Region: Summary: Providing design services for a consumer electronics which has a global market to be tapped.

Additional Experience

Training / Seminars
He has practised many creativity methods to come out with interesting wild but practical concepts. Because of this experimentation, he has developed his own methods to come out with interesting concepts in very quick time succeesfully. He has developed a course to teach essential manufacturing knowledge meant for designing products for mass market to ID students.
Vendor Selection
As a creative director for D-Cube designs, he has developed contacts with many plastic die makers/mold makers, FRP manufacturers, Sheet metal worksmen, material speciaists, Engineering analysts, etc. His vendor network is very strong and highly reliable.
Marketing Experience
He entered into the lifestyle market 3 years back. Since then, it has become a habit for him to keep track of the latest trends, which has been helping him in designing products for various segments. His cross product category experience has helped him to learn the trends in other fields as well.

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