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Petrochemical, Pulp & Paper, Distillation, Industrial Accident Investigation, Overpressure Investigation and OSHA Compliance

ID: 727446 Florida, USA

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Expert has over 40 years' of engineering design in the Chemical Process and Pulp and Paper fields. He has held positions of Production Engineer, Technical Director, Quality Control Engineer, Process Engineering Department Head, Senior Engineer.

His experience includes many years with major Engineering C & E firms designing pulp and paper, chemical recovery, distillation, absorption, solids and fluids control, corrosion engineering, steam and condensate systems, process debottlenecking, and other equipment and systems. Expert witness experience includes Plaintiff and Defense work involving toxic gas cloud release with injuries, soil contamination class action lawsuit against a papermill, carbon monoxide poisoning involving a death, hydrogen cyanide exposure to maintenance workers, chemical exposure inhalation hazards and injuries in papermills and chemical plants, etc.

Soils remediation work has included work as an Expert Witness in a class action lawsuit against a papermill which had polluted soil and groundwater over a 40-year period by dumping boiler ash in a residential community, Phase I and II Environmental Site Assessments for various construction and shopping mall clients, and as an Expert witness for Plaintiffs in a class action lawsuit against a major papermill for a toxic large volume wastewater release. This case included detailed onsite inspections and investigation, detailed material balance calculations, evaluation of environmental sampling effort, analysis of production personnel activities that caused the toxic release, etc. Has designed remediation plans for commercial and industrial clients for UST removal and soil contamination remediation.

Experienced in RCRA, CERCLA, NFRAP, EPA, State EPA's and other Federal regulations for soil contamination and UST removal and closing requirements.

He has led engineering, operations, troubleshooting, and management on these and other important projects:
• Petrochemical plant ethylene plant operations
• PVC compounding

Refinery Processes and Operations:
• Batch process esterification for Cancer drug manufacture
• Paper mill recausticizing operations process troubleshooting
• Power house shutdown job and welding inspection.
• Paper mill recovery boiler and bark boiler process troubleshooting
• Firefighting equipment and operations
• Waste gas scrubber design
• Liquid hydrogen storage and safety systems
• Tall Oil vacuum distillation and troubleshooting
• Heat exchanger design and specification
• Activated Sludge wastewater treatment operations and design
• High Alloy piping, equipment and weldment design and installation
• Chlorine systems handling
• Pyrolisis furnaces
• Low temperature distillation trains

Pulp and Paper experience includes process engineering, quality control, paper machine wet end chemistry process engineering, pulp mill, powerhouse, and dry end debottlenecking, woodyard wood chip quality improvement systems experience. Held Technical Director position of a two machine Kraft integrated brown paper mill with responsibility for all process engineers, quality control, environmental permitting and testing, process troubleshooting for bleach plant and lime mud recausticzing for large papermill in the Southeastern U.S., capital projects scoping an cost estimating including chlorine handling systems, energy conservation for paper machine steam systems, mass meter installations, etc.

He has Six sigma Black Belt training. He is also very capable in chemical process modeling using Aspen Plus software.

Expert is a Licensed Professional Engineer in several States.

Expert has extensive experience in the CPI, petrochemical, and Pulp and Paper industries at the operations level. He has served as Engineer Intern, Shift Supervisor, Production Engineer, Project engineer, Process Engineer, Technical Department Engineer, and Technical Director, in the CPI, Petrochemical and Pulp and Paper industries.

As Technical Director of a world-class Kraft linerboard papermill, he managed 28 person department responsible for process engineering, quality control and assurance, statistical process control activities, Cross Direction system troubleshooting and quality assurance, environmental engineering, new product development, customer service.

As a Process Engineer in another world-class linerboard and bleached Kraft market pulp mill, he was responsible for pH control systems design and installation, paper machine chemical furnish control system design and installation, batch digester control process optimization, wood chip thickness control system construction, customer service, various finished and intermediate product quality control functions.

As a Project and Design Engineer in the distillation unit of a world class pulp chemical, Tall Oil plant. Installed a variety of instruments for high temperature, ultra-high vacuum service. Managed first phase of comprehensive instrumentation and control system rebuild project converting pneumatics to DCS. Designed and installed piping, exchangers, nitrogen and chlorine handling equipment. Rebuilt two high vacuum distillation columns with Hastelloy and 904 alloy materials. Managed and designed a $2.6 million distillation area vacuum distillation production increase including column weld cladding and structured packing, shell and tube high allow heat exchanges, reboilers, piping and pumps and nitrogen and water delivery system for Tall Oil separation

As a Shift Supervisor, he supervised crew of six men and made real-time process and maintenance decisions to produce polyester resin in this batch polymerization computer-controlled plant, which was the feedstock to a computer tape film plant.

As a Production Engineer his work has included extensive process troubleshooting, design of ventilation system upgrade for reducing worker exposure to heavy metals. Supervision of hourly workers as shift supervisor in Engineer training program.

Expert has been involved in environmental projects, studies, investigations, and permitting activities continuously over his 40+ year engineering career.

As a Senior Engineer, duties have included wastewater systems design, air permitting calculations, refinery wastewater and process safety system review and design, firewater system design and modification, specialized wastewater system design review of chlorination systems and troubleshooting of chlorine contact problems for a POTW, and writing specifications for new sludge handling and digesters equipment.

Air pollution permitting and compliance work has included material and energy balance calculations for many types of boilers, management of stack testing crews for TRS (total reducible sulfur) monitoring in paper mills, air permitting assistance fro industrial clients.

He is a Licensed Professional Engineer and is a Certified Building Inspection Engineer through N.S.P.E. He has inspected approximately 3,000 buildings for owners, investors, owners associations, banks, attorneys, etc.

He has been admitted to District and Federal courts as an expert witness in over 40 lawsuits as an engineer expert witness, and a Building Inspection Engineer, in cases involving construction defects, hurricane damage "wind vs. water" claims, slip trip and fall injury cases.

His extensive construction cost estimating expertise has resulted in favorable outcomes in various court cases and insurance claims as an expert witness for both Plaintiffs and Defendants, Insured's and Insurers, His cost estimates are routinely admitted in court.

Work as an expert witness for industrial lawsuits:
Reviewed extensive reports and lab analyses from a papermill toxic chemical release incident into local receiving waters for a Plaintiff class lawsuit. Performed two onsite inspections of process conditions,piping, etc. and advised attorneys as to what specific records should be subpoenaed from this mill, and what outcomes and acts of omission would most likely be able to be proven in court. Performed detailed material balance calculations using my pulp and paper technical experience to help client prove their case. Reviewed and studies heavy metal contamination of soils for a Class Action lawsuit in Florida. This involved review and evaluation of hundreds of soil core samples and lab results, structural evaluation of over 350 houses and commercial buildings, and testifying in Florida District Court.Evaluated an injured worker's exposure to chlorine dioxide in a paper mill to substantiate an insurance claim. Performed a site investigation and ran gas cloud dispersion mathematical models.


Year Degree Subject Institution
Year: 2002 Degree: Post Graduate Subject: Structural Engineering Institution: University of South Alabama
Year: 1981 Degree: BS Subject: Engineering Institution: University of Cincinnati

Work History

Years Employer Title Department
Years: 1996 to Present Employer: Undisclosed Title: President and Resident Engineer Department: Consulting and Design Engineering
Various consulting and design engineering projects. Expert Witness for cases involving Structural Engineering, industrial accidents, environmental compliance for soil and water contamination along the U. S. Gulf Coast.
Years Employer Title Department
Years: 2019 to 2020 Employer: Shell Norco Refinery Title: Process Development Engineer Department: Capital planning
Front end engineering development for Gate process project development and approval. In charge of engineering for individual capital projects sized $2 million to $19 million for large oil refinery and integrated petrochemical plant. In charge of individual capital projects from just after idea generation through site management approval. Supported process part of each project through engineering, purchase, and installation and startup.
Years Employer Title Department
Years: 2013 to 2019 Employer: Huntsman Chemical Title: Process Improvement Engineer Department: Process Improvement
Extensive work on problem solving for relief devices site wide, including applying ASME and API Code standards to new and existing PRV’s and PSV’s. PSM review for site wide pressure relief projects.

Served as liaison and facilitator for site wide capital expenditures. Assisted glycol and ethylene oxide units in solving process problems which are on track to save $2.4 to $3.7 million per year and increase production of sold-out products. Reviewed and approved sizing and selection of API and ASME compliant relief devices. Provided seminars to younger engineers on unit operations of Chemical engineering. Produced Aspen process models as needed for debottlenecking and capital upgrade studies. Trained in Six Sigma for Green Belt certification.
Years Employer Title Department
Years: 2014 to 2014 Employer: Lucite International Title: Site Services Manager Department:
Managed debottlenecking and upgrading water, steam, tankage, surface water, potable and water and wastewater treatment, firewater and dock facilities for this integrated chemical plant site. Upgraded operating procedures, retrained operators and supervisors, and changed operating procedures for increased uptime of all site utilities and increased barge and tank loading capacity. Specified new pumps, piping, safety devices for upcoming capital upgrades
Years Employer Title Department
Years: 1997 to 2014 Employer: Gulf Coast Professional Engineers, Inc. Title: Project Manager, Process Engineer, Principal Engineer Department:
Process, Mechanical, Structural, and Environmental Engineering for various Pulp and Paper, CPI and industrial and commercial clients, process consulting for various clients, material balance calculations and accident investigation involving papermill and chemical plant industrial accidents and safety, papermill pollution discharge, plan and specification preparation, detailed Code compliance review consulting and process troubleshooting activities. Environmental Engineering work includes hazardous solid and gaseous chemical release analysis, permitting review and applications, disposal methods and studies, stack testing, remediation plans for UST’s and soil remediation studies.
Years Employer Title Department
Years: 1996 to 1997 Employer: Herzog Hart Title: Process Engineer Department:
Responsible for development of P & ID’s, PFDs, process specifications, mechanical Engineering etc. for local office of this design firm. Projects included design of batch process pharmaceutical chemicals plant, pump specifications, selection of high alloy materials for corrosion resistance, and debottlenecking and tie-ins for new equipment at client facility.
Years Employer Title Department
Years: 1992 to 1996 Employer: Walk, Haydel and Associates Title: Process Engineering Department Head Department: Mobile, Alabama office
Responsible for staff of engineers and designers for local office of 600-man design firm. Duties included supervision of engineers, as well as process design and troubleshooting for papermill bleach plants, steam systems, recausticizing areas. Also various process and mechanical design work for refinery clients, and project scoping and cost estimating for a variety of chemical plants and paper mills throughout the Southeastern U.S.

Design activities included papermill steam dryer section steam control upgrade, papermill liquor slaking system and bleach plant material balance update and upgrades. boiler and steam systems, piping design, detailed process calculations for hydrogen tank farm safety and flare systems, air and water permitting assistance, vacuum distillation column and peripheral equipment design, Specified and purchased pumps, relief devices, compressors, distillation columns, tankage, etc.
Years Employer Title Department
Years: 1991 to 1992 Employer: BCM Engineers Title: Senior Engineer Department: Mobile, Alabama office
His responsibilities were in the wastewater treatment department where he designed and specified equipment for activated sludge, chlorination, tankage and oil water separation equipment.
Years Employer Title Department
Years: 1990 to 1991 Employer: Brown and Root USA Title: Senior Engineer Department: Mobile, Alabama office
He developed Piping & Instrument Diagrams, performed process calculations, specified process equipment, specified instrumentation equipment. Projects included various Chemical Process Industries clients, Pulp & Paper mills, etc.
Years Employer Title Department
Years: 1985 to 1990 Employer: Stone Container Corp. Title: Technical Director Department: Panama City and Jacksonville, Florida mills
Expert was manager over a 60 person Technical services department which included Process Engineering, Quality control, Air Pollution measurement lab, customer service.
Years Employer Title Department
Years: 1984 to 1985 Employer: Sylvachem Corp. Title: Capital Engineer Department: Panama City, Florida office
Specified and designed process equipment for a world class Tall Oil plant
Years Employer Title Department
Years: 1981 to 1984 Employer: ICI Americas Title: Engineer Shift Supervisor Department: Computer Film plant
He participated in and in-depth training program as a shift supervisor for a polyterepthlalate computer film plant.

Government Experience

Years Agency Role Description
Years: 1997 to 1999 Agency: U.S. National Park Service Role: Consultant Description: He has reviewed, audited, and assisted the National Park Service in making changes to their alternate fuels electric bus program and gas fueling systems at the Grand Canyon National Park. Performed an onsite investigation in the Grand Canyon National Park into bus fires from batteries in electric buses.

Career Accomplishments

Associations / Societies
Licenses / Certifications
Licensed Professional Engineer in Louisiana and Texas
Professional Appointments
Voting Member ASTM Committee C.04
Publications and Patents Summary
He has 4 publications in trade magazines.

Additional Experience

Expert Witness Experience
He has been designated as an expert witness in over 30 cases. He has been an expert witness in cases involving defective fire hose nozzles, worker exposure to inhaled hazardous vapors causing workplace injuries, environmental heavy metal contamination in soils, and in a Plaintiff Class action lawsuit against an industrial facility where a large volume toxic wastewater spill was involved. He has been an Expert in fire cause and origin cases in Civil and Criminal cases.
Training / Seminars
He has developed and teaches seminars in: fluid flow calculations for non-Engineers and building codes.
Vendor Selection
Extensive experience locating, working with, and obtaining quotes for chemical process and constrcution equipment over many years. Detailed cost estimating in conjunction with Contractors and major suppliers for chemical plant, papermill, and commercial high rise and various residential construction projects.
Marketing Experience
Expert worked in formulation and customer service in the polymer, Chemical Process Industries, Tall Oil, and Pulp and Paper industries. He has extensive experience as an Expert Witness in over 300 lawsuits involving storm damage to buildings from hurricanes Katrina, Ivan, Elena, Ike, Isaac, and many others along the Gulf coast and Florida since 1985. He inspected and evaluated over 50 buildings for structural damage after flooding from Tropical Storm Wilma in Pennsylvania in 2011.
Other Relevant Experience
Expert has accumulated specialized training and certifications as a Licensed Professional Engineer, Relief valve/ safety valve/ overpressure training. He has firefighting and Arson and Fire Cause and Origin investigation experience.

Fields of Expertise

chemical engineering, chemical project engineering, chemical reaction engineering, cost engineering, design process, engineering, mass transfer, process water chemistry, corrosion engineering, chemical process equipment designing, compliance engineering, energy-efficient steam system, papermaking, process engineering, pulp-and-paper industry air pollution control, pulp-and-paper process control, pulp-and-paper process control instrumentation, reclaimed pulp-and-paper fiber, recycled paper manufacturing, recycled pulp-and-paper fiber, design engineering, paper engineering, pulp-and-paper technology, paper mill corrosion, distillation equipment, equipment design, fire safety, process engineering equipment, ignition source, chemical plant, chemical process equipment, chemical process monitoring, chemical process troubleshooting, chemical processing, chemical processing system safety, fractionating column, process chemistry, unit operations, metal water pipe corrosion, chemical industry, environmental compliance, air pollution control, air pollution control system, environmental engineering, environmental air quality, pulp-and-paper environmental control, pulp-and-paper industry wastewater purification, building code, building failure, building inspection, BOCA model code, building roof failure, chemical pulping, forensic architecture, forensic construction, forensic engineering, construction deficiency, construction claim, construction defect, construction design deficiency, construction insurance claim, National Building Code, Standard Building Code, National Fire Code, Standard Fire Code, International Conference of Building Officials model code, model code, water intrusion, roof design, heating, ventilating, and air-conditioning system mold, indoor air pollution control building material, indoor air pollution control, construction material deficiency, defective construction, water flooding damage, accident causation, chemical accident, chemical exposure, chemical plant accident, lock out tag procedure, environmental design, industrial plant construction, professional construction, commercial construction, forensic investigation, control system engineering, HVAC safety, wood framing, header beam, wall stud, portable heater, cogeneration boiler, chemical process design, firebox, residential building construction, multi-step organic compound manufacturing, saponification, compression failure, high-build coating material, chemical analyzer, boiler emission, Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System, furnace filter, destructive testing, chemical plant environmental cleanup, vent fire, paper quality control, tank design, contact condenser, Southern Building Code Congress International model code, natural gas energy, plastics inspection, environmental water sample, liquid flashing, building chimney design, chemical industry emergency shutdown procedure, chemical energy, steam point, chemical process equipment optimization, new chemical process operations, process-engineering safety, petrochemical process-engineering equipment, industrial water treatment, chemical technology, chemical processing plant, paper industry, federal environmental regulation, pulp-and-paper color removal, chemical plant troubleshooting, industrial utility system, water front construction, construction contract, chemical reactor engineering, chemical product environmental effect, paper mill chemistry, dust material, chemical process safety analysis, energy-efficient waste heat recovery system, sick building syndrome, air odor control equipment design, energy-efficient condensate return system, energy-efficient building insulation material, energy-efficient heating, ventilating and air-conditioning system, water-tube boiler, paper-stock preparation, boiling-liquid flow, alkylation, building design, energy-efficient paper processing, energy-efficient energy recovery system, structural ceiling, boiler-feed pump, modular construction, corrugated paperboard, gas material, paper stock, incinerator, paper processing, building maintenance, heating equipment, energy, organic compound, structural engineering, phase equilibrium, roofing material, reboiler, pulping, physical separation, paper chemistry, nozzle, mechanical engineering, kraft paper, construction planning, concrete failure analysis, climate control, cement, building science, boiler furnace, asbestos

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