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Expert in R&D Chemistry: Epoxies, Amines, Benzoxazines, Cyanate Esters, Bismaleimides, Polyimides

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Lab Manager with more than 20 years of experience in technical service support and research & development. Technical expert with strong chemistry, polymer science, composite, coating, and chemical engineering knowledge. Industries served are the electronics industry, industrial composites, aerospace composites, adhesives, coatings, and other industrial applications.

He has also worked in the electronics industry manufacturing high-end Printed Circuit Boards made not only from epoxy but also high-temperature boards made from BMI and cyanate esters. Expert also works in the aerospace electronics industry with applications for civilian and military aviation uses. He developed expertise in chemistry, plating, photoimaging, wet PWB processes, soldering, and other chemical processes.

Conducted many treater trials at PWB laminator customers on how to use Kerimid products in Manufacturing. Time period 1988 thru 1993Visited several pultrusion customers to convert process from vinyl ester to epoxy product. 2006 thru 2009.Made many company product introductions throughout my career to customers. Taught them about epoxy, amines, benzoxazines, bismaleimides, cyanate esters, and polyimides. Worked with the company's manufacturing in pilot plant and the main production facility scaling up products for customers. Mostly Kerimid type products and epoxies.

• Strategic Planning
• Project management
• Problem solving
• Strong Inter-personnel skills
• Good Communication abilities [written and verbal]


Year Degree Subject Institution
Year: 1984 Degree: BS Subject: Chemistry Institution: Long Island University

Work History

Years Employer Title Department
Years: 2014 to Present Employer: Undisclosed Title: Consultant & VP of Technology Department:
Consultant providing a wide range of technical and marketing support for customers in the application fields of composites, adhesives, electronics, coatings, and other industrial chemical applications.

Also provides technical support for chemical manufacturing, EHS needs, and many other technical services including training, testing, white papers, and presentations.
Years Employer Title Department
Years: 2003 to 2014 Employer: Huntsman Title: Lab Manager Department: Huntsman Advanced Mterial
Composites laboratory manager with responsibility for new product development and technical service. Major projects were:

• Laboratory relocation from Brewster NY to The Woodlands Texas 2004 – 2006.
• Benzoxazine chemistry development.
• Establishment of a new composite application laboratory. 2010 – 2013
• Product qualification for new and expanded manufacturing capacity for the aerospace industry.
• Successful development of high-temperature resin systems for composite bipolar plated for fuel cells under the Department of Energy grant. [ Program Manager for Huntsman]
• Epoxy resin system for the carbon fiber composite cable application in the energy field.
* Developed new resin system for low Dk applications in electronics
Years Employer Title Department
Years: 2001 to 2003 Employer: Vantico Corporation Title: Senior Staff Scientist Department:
R&D work on benzoxazines, bismaleimides, epoxies, and cyanate esters for applications such as
• Low Dk and Df products for the electronics industry
• Halogen-free resin systems for PWB applications.
• Manufacturing process improvements in benzoxazines and Bismaleimides
• Investigating new backbones for benzoxazines.
• Cost reduction n manufacturing FR4 epoxies.
Years Employer Title Department
Years: 1995 to 2001 Employer: Ciba Specilty Chemical Corporation Title: Staff Scientist Department: Advanced Materials Division
R&D, Technical Service, and process development. Major projects were:
• Process Development with the production transfer of the Kerimid products from California to McIntosh, Alabama
• Replace Kerimid bismaleimide resin 601 product with a 2nd generation bismaleimide material called Kerimid 701.
• Began the development work on benzoxazine chemistry for application in electronics, composites, and other industrial applications.
Years Employer Title Department
Years: 1986 to 1995 Employer: Ciba-Geigy Corporation Title: Scintist Department: Advanced Materials Division
R&D and Technical service for the Electronics group. He provides technical support for :
• Probimer products [soldermask for Printed Wiring Boards]
• Laminating resin systems epoxy and Bismaleimide[for Printed Wiring Boards applications]
Key research projects included :
• Developing the Matrimid 5292 Bismaleimide chemistry to a solvent-type system that could be used by PWB Laminators to make Copper clad fiberglass composites for fabricating high-temperature PWB's.
• Developing materials for Low Dk/Df materials to compete with cyanate esters in electronics.
• Developing high Tg epoxy products for PWB applications.
Years Employer Title Department
Years: 1985 to 1986 Employer: Gull Airborne Title: Chemical Engineer Department:
He was responsible for all chemical operations in the plant, which was producing electronic components for aerospace applications. Operations included tin/lead soldering by vapor phase reflow, wave soldering, IR Soldering, hand soldering. Other chemical operations he was responsible for included the paint department, solvent recovery, conformal coating, and waste disposal. He established a new chemical safety program with MSDS filing and ordering control of chemical purchases. He also started an awareness program of chemical hazards for company personnel and specified the selection of proper PPE and engineering controls for the assembly operations for printed circuit boards.
Years Employer Title Department
Years: 1980 to 1985 Employer: Kollmorgen Corporation Title: Senior Engineer Department: Multiwire Division
He started work on new experimental copper electroplating processes for the production of Multiwire printed circuit boards. He then moved to the advanced Manufacturing Group which was the R&D and prototyping of new manufacturing processes for the manufacture of advanced printed wiring boards. he became an expert in other areas of printed wiring boards. Key accomplishments were:
1. Converting from solvent-based photo-imaging systems to aqueous-based chemistry.
2. Developed the electroplating process for copper, tin/lead, and gold. Work also included putting electroless copper and tin plating processes.
3. Started up red and black oxide processes for copper laminates.
4. Established copper etching for PWB's and the copper recovery and waste treatment.
5. Installed the new Vapor Phase Reflow Processes at the AMG.

International Experience

Years Country / Region Summary
Years: 2009 to 2009 Country / Region: China Summary: Visits to manufacturing sites for Huntsman and technical visits to customers to support the China sales organization. Also to visit labs for technical exchange.
Years: 2007 to 2007 Country / Region: Korea Summary: Met with several PWB laminators in Korea with the Huntsman distributor. Also to support the new benoxazine products from Huntsman.
Years: 2011 to 2011 Country / Region: Switzerland Summary: Global technical conference in Basel Switzerland. Visited Germany and France to see Huntsman sites and to visit with Huntsman customers.
Years: 1999 to 1999 Country / Region: Switzerland Summary: Global technical conference in Basel Switzerland. Received R&D award from company for work on the patented product Kerimid 701. Visited Germany and France to see Huntsman sites and to visit with Huntsman customers.
Years: 1994 to 1994 Country / Region: Summary: Visited Ciba-Geigy site for R&D trial on Kerimid products on prepreg treater. Also visited pilot plant to pass along technology for making Kerimid 8292 products.

Career Accomplishments

Associations / Societies
Member of SAMPE [Society for the Advancement of Materials, Processes, and Engineering]
Member of the IPC Association of Connecting Electronics Industries
Awards / Recognition
Ciba Specialty Chemicals R&D Award for developing the Kerimid products. Kerimid products were a very good commercial success.
Publications and Patents Summary
Expert has 12 publications and 9 patents.

Additional Experience

Training / Seminars
1. Benzoxaznes training courses for formulating thermosetting resin applications for all types.
2. Introduction to Bismaleimide/polyimide Chemistry from CibaGeigy and Ciba-Specialty Chemicals.
3. Introduction to Huntsman products includes epoxies, epoxy curing agents, additives, cyanate esters, polyimides, bismaleimides, benzoxzines, and polyurethanes.
Vendor Selection
1. Built Huntsman's new R&D Composite facility in Woodlands Texas. Opened in 2013. Installed new prepreg treater, autoclave, and resin transfer molding process. along with the capital equipment, there was a need to find and purchase carbon fiber, fiberglass, and many other materials for the R&D facility.

2. Manager for relocation of Huntsman Advanced Materials laboratories from Brewster New York and Los Angeles to Woodlands Texas. Extensively work with vendors for the move and suppliers for lab materials and equipment. The new laboratory for advanced Materials opened in August 2005.

3. Worked on many capital equipment purchases for the new Multiwire manufacturing facilities that opened in Hicksville Long Island in 1984. Capital Equipment included wet processing for metal etching, photoresist development and stripping, electroplating for copper, tin/lead, nickel&gold, soldering equipment, and other support equipment.
Marketing Experience
Expert has worked with Marketing to identify and define key projects that address the needs of the composite industries such as aerospace, sports, wind, automotive, and other industrial applications. Wrote product development requests and develop product profiles for such projects as high-temperature applications, out-of-autoclave prepreg resins, fast cure profiles for automotive, 2nd generation epoxy resins for aerospace applications, and resin system with enhanced mechanical properties including toughening requirements.

Expert has worked to developed materials for the PWB application in the electronic industry that meets the needs of the current trends in the industry such as

1. Lead-free applications which mean replacing tin/lead solders with alternate tin soldering compounds.
Other Relevant Experience
He has more than 25 years of experience in the chemical manufacturing sector in both the USA and abroad. His varied career has lead to expertise in a vast array of chemical manufacturing and support areas. He has been involved in several multi-million dollar business expansions and due diligence assessments of various acquisitions. His experience encompasses Process Development, Quality Assurance, Regulatory Compliance, Product Management, and Environment/Health/Safety.

Fields of Expertise

composite material processing, polymer flammability, printed-wiring board fabrication, resin chemistry, polymerization reaction engineering, composite engineering, thermoplastic composite, composite preform, board level technology, polymer sheet forming, polymer processing, foil laminate, plated through-hole via, polymer thermal conductivity, tetraethoxysilane, laminate material testing, epoxy chemistry, void detection, extrusion laminating, copper sputtering, electrical contact material, composite material testing, copper oxidation, low viscosity, high viscosity, printed-wiring board drilling, pink ring, printed wiring assembly, reactive resin, liquid photoimageable solder mask, Ultem, high-pressure laminate, through-hole plating process, epoxy mold tooling, laminating adhesive, composite material process development, advanced composite manufacturing, plastic electroplating process, plastics industry, relative permittivity, electroplating through-hole mass transfer, cyanate ester, printed-wiring board plating process, copper cleaning, laminating press, gold electroplating process, silver electroplating process, copper electroplating process, nickel electroplating process, composite material processing technology, composite material impact damage evaluation, paint chemistry, copper recovery, electronic circuit element plating process, organohalogen chemistry, invar, flammability measurement, laminated wood, material characterization process, materials testing, electronics engineering, surface finish property, composite-filament winding process, printed-wiring board, printed circuit board laminate, printed circuit board, zinc plating process, combustion, electroplating, solder mask, fiber-reinforced plastic, press fit, molding material, polymer mechanical property testing, textile material flammability, copper foil, polymer film laminating, laminate layer, thermosetting resin, vinyl acetate, halogen chemistry, flammable material, selective plating process, resin transfer molding, pultrusion, polyurethane, polymer, polymer selection, polymer chemistry, polyester laminate, phenolic resin, laminated fabric, flame-retardant chemical, fiber laminate, dielectric property, copper alloy, chip-on-board technology, chemistry, amino resin, alkyd resin

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