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Expert currently serves as a general safety and health consultant as a safety engineer, and has done so since 1978.

This has involved General Safety Engineering Consulting with emphasis on worker safety, industrial product safety, third party safety, accident prevention, and loss control.

Expert has developed safety programs for many areas of accident prevention including trucking

Expert conducts broad spectrum safety training and course development for supervisors and workers in many industries.

Expert testimony and safety engineering case management are offered. Research is conducted to contribute to the overall practice. Instruction of personnel in all levels is conducted. Accident reconstruction and analysis to determine causes and suggest solutions is conducted.

The practice is divided into four main areas of activity:
I. Safety Consulting to Business and Industry. This includes services to industrial and construction companies. Traditional methods of Safety Engineering are followed relating to evaluation and control of hazards that affect operations. Accident history is evaluated for loss loci and specific areas to address.
II. Safety Engineering Forensic Consulting usually involves accident investigation to determine cause and preventative methods. This may also include the determination of whether a given situation
is a dangerous condition. Photography is conducted along with testimony. In the process, instrumentation may be used for evaluating slope coefficient of friction, illuminance, velocities, clearances, and other physical parameters.
III. Teaching Safety Subjects at Local Colleges and Universities. Developing and teaching college level courses. This involves lectures with extensive use of visual aids including models, photo-slides, overheads, etc. Tests, quizzes and exams are developed and administered to gauge student progress and
grasp of concepts. Term papers requiring original research are assigned and evaluated (several of Expert's students have placed high in the ASSE student paper competition. At least 4 have become ASSE Chapter Presidents).
IV. Developing and Conducting Accident Prevention Training for Interested Parties.
Developing and teaching professional level courses such as for the National Safety Council Los Angeles Chapter. This involves lectures with extensive use of visual aids including models, photo-slides, overheads, etc.
Expert has created and maintains continuously two informational and promotional website for the business, which provide a resource particularly on current developments in slip and fall prevention and other accident prevention topics

Expert has been in the business of preventing accidents of many kinds since 1969.
See consultation above.

Expert has investigated thousands of accidents of many types over his nearly 40 years in the business. These include falls of all kinds and traditional industrial and construction accidents involving all kinds of machinery and equipment, recreational accidents, some vehicle accidents, and manual and mechanical materials handling accidents.

Expert provides construction safety and accident prevention to clients including construction companies with very sensitive clients. Expert's also has hands-on experience with many construction activities and equipment.

Fall protection is a large part of Expert's accident prevention work. He is on the ASTM F-13 Committee and is familiar with most of the slip measuring devices. Expert has offered testimony in hundreds of fall cases.

Expert provides construction safety and accident prevention to clients including construction companies with very sensitive clients. Expert also has hands-on experience with many construction activities and equipment.

Expert has much work experience with the safety of walking and working surfaces, ladders, staging, stairways, ramps, sidewalks, and railings. In the course of his safety engineering activities for industrial, contracting, and forensic clients, he conducts walkway and surface evaluations.

Member ASTM F-13 Committee on Safety of Footwear and Traction

Test equipment includes:
Horizontal Pull (ASTM F-609 Standard Irvine)
Pendulum (NBS Standard Sigler)
Articulated Strut (NBS, ASTM Standard Brungraber Mark I, F-462, F-1677)
Variable Incidence Tribometer (EnglishXL Standard F-1679 VIT) Certified.
Minolta T-1
Tektronix J-16
General Electric T-14
Expert has conducted many coefficient of friction, slope, architectural barrier, and lighting surveys. He is familiar with the standard of care relating to floor maintenance procedures and protecting pedestrians from falling. He has been an apartment manager, published in the apartment press, and has lectured on safety (including fall prevention) to apartment owner groups.
Investigated well over 500 slip, trip and fall occurrences in many kinds of occupancies, including residential, industrial, and retail environments.
Much background and experience in floor covering products and methods. This includes carpets, linoleum, and tile of many types. He has put it down, kicked it in, serviced it, and pulled it up.

Training and experience in fire inspection and hazard evaluation. Good familiarity with flammable liquids and other aspects of fire hazards and protection including automatic sprinkler and fixed chemical extinguishing systems, and escape systems.
Fire safety background dating from training at Liberty Mutual in 1969. This training dealt with safe handling of flammables, their classifications, and characteristics. Other fire safety training included the FIA school in Hartford, and fire safety seminars and courses for Chubb and Great American. Expert also has practical experience with propane and LPG.Able to address the nature of the fuel containers and appropriate practices for dispensing and the human factors associated with the use of fuels.
Versed in gas appliances and common hazards, building features important to fire safety, many special hazards, and NFPA Codes and municipal fire codes.

Training in machinery safety dating from Jr. high, woods shop, metals shop, print shop, and "powers" shop, machinery related hobbies such as model building and electronics, adult school print shop. Substantial OTJ training in machinery hazards with insurance employers. He has operated such equipment as saws, presses, brakes, and is familiar with most machines in manufacturing including CNC machines. Good familiarity with the codes and standards such as ANSI, OSHA, and ISO that apply to equipment. Library includes information relating to historical developments in machine guarding. Involvement in machinery accident prevention has included OSHA citation contests relating to saw guarding. Consulted on a number of machinery cases involving woodworking. These have involved both portable and non-portable saws and drills as well as shop tools such as jointers, planers, mortisers, tenoners, shapers, and lathes. Metalworking cases have involved drilling and boring machines power presses, shears, and press brakes. Taught L.A. Chapter National Safety Council "Power Press Safeguarding" class. Plastic working cases have involved injection molders. Rubber and composition material working cases have involved mills, calendars Banbury mixers, clickers, and dinkers. Printing work has involved sheet fed and web fed rotary and platen letter and offset presses and similar equipment as well as paper cutters of several types. Food processing machinery has involved work in accident prevention running from canneries and meat packers to bakeries and confectioners. This includes work with choppers, slicers, blenders and can lines.

Expert has worked a wide variety of product safety cases. Most of these have been industrial machinery in wood, metals, plastics, and food production. Expert maintains an extensive library of machine standards dating back to the 1800's.

For (Undisclosed) 18-month project to convert a warehouse into state of art haz-mat storage facility.
Drew up site specific IIPP as well as JSA's and Lifting Plans and Confined Space Entry Program. No lost time.

Expert may consult nationally and internationally, and is also local to the following cities: Los Angeles, California - San Diego, California - Long Beach, California - Santa Ana, California - Anaheim, California - Riverside, California - Bakersfield, California - Glendale, California - Huntington Beach, California - San Bernardino, California

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Year Degree Subject Institution
Year: 1969 Degree: BA Subject: Business Institution: University of the Pacific
Year: 1974 Degree: MS Subject: Safety Institution: University of Southern California
Year: 1975 Degree: MS Subject: Systems Management Institution: University of Southern California

Work History

Years Employer Title Department Responsibilities
Years: 1979 to Present Employer: Undisclosed Title: Safety Engineer Department: Undisclosed Responsibilities: Safety engineering consulting to business and industry.
Years: 1978 to 1979 Employer: Undisclosed Title: Safety Consultant Department: Undisclosed Responsibilities: Safety consulting to business and industry.
Years: 1974 to 1978 Employer: Great American Insurance Company Title: Undisclosed Department: Undisclosed Responsibilities: Safety consulting to business and industry policy holders, risk evaluation, accident investigation. Department management.
Years: 1971 to 1974 Employer: Undisclosed Title: Underwriting Surveyor Department: Undisclosed Responsibilities: Safety consulting to business and industry policy holders, risk evaluation, accident investigation.
Years: 1969 to 1971 Employer: Liberty Mutual Insurance Title: Undisclosed Department: Undisclosed Responsibilities: Safety consulting to business and industry policy holders, risk evaluation, accident investigation.

International Experience

Years Country / Region Summary
Years: 1996 to 1996 Country / Region: Chile Summary: Presented "Safety in Forestry and Silvaculture" at EXPOCORMA
Years: 1995 to 1995 Country / Region: Guatemala Summary: Provided safety services for a silver and jade mining company
Years: 2004 to 2004 Country / Region: Zambia Summary: Provided safety services for a gemstone mining company

Career Accomplishments

Associations / Societies
Professional Member ASSE
Chartered Member IOSH
Member ASTM F-13 Committee
Licenses / Certifications
California PE, SAFETY,
Professional Appointments
Board Member Head Protection Research Laboratory
Awards / Recognition
Fellow: Institute for Advancement of Engineering
Publications and Patents Summary
Expert has a number of published articles and contributed to a book on safety in petroleum refining.

Additional Experience

Expert Witness Experience
Expert has appeared in over 230 jury trials in the Western U.S. and Virgin Islands for plaintiff and defense.
Training / Seminars
Expert has taught an average of one course in Safety per semester at USC for a period of 17 years.
Taught at Long Beach State, Los Angeles State, and for the College of Insurance. Taught Powerpress Safeguarding, Product Liability, Human Factors, and Lock-out-tag-out for National Safety Council. Taught Conveyor Safeguarding at ASSE Professional Development Conference. ASSE Local Chapter "Fall Investigation and Prevention," "Cold Flow in Automatic Sprinkler Heads." " Expert Witnessing," "Crane Safety."

Language Skills

Language Proficiency
German Fluent
Spanish Conversant
Japanese His office has personnel fluent in Japanese.

Fields of Expertise

A Workplace Accident and Injury Reduction Program, injury prevention, occupational safety, Occupational Safety and Health Administration, safety, safety management, accident, accident investigation, construction safety, employee protection, personal protection equipment, construction safety, fall protection, fire safety, industrial safety, machine safety, mechanical product safety, plant safety, safety code, safety engineering, product safety, stairway, slip, sidewalk, OSHA citations, aquatics, OSHA violation, insurance underwriting, underwriting, walking surface, wood explosion, oil explosion, alarm system standard, pedestrian accident, aquatic injury, trucking safety, pedestrian safety, emergency management, consumer product ergonomics, lock out tag procedure, respiratory protection, light safety, eye safety, flame arrester, gas handling safety, chemical label, occupational disease, safety plan, safety packaging, child product safety, firewall (construction), building safety, protection, hospital equipment safety, head injury, agricultural safety, cumulative trauma disorder, safety equipment, OSHA product labeling, OSHA labeling, safety training, laboratory safety, safety testing, life safety, chemical process safety engineering, molten metal safety, federal safety regulation, chemical processing plant accident investigation, contractor safety management, confined space safety, construction safety management, maintenance safety, electrical product safety, safety data collection, safety auditing, excavation safety, railroad-highway crossing, systems safety engineering, wellsite safety, safe semiconductor material manufacturing, mine safety, safety design review, product safety design, Occupational Safety and Health Administration standard, Occupational Safety and Health Act, National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, electrical accident, disaster planning, chemical process safety analysis, fire prevention, hazardous material handling, materials safety data sheet, fault tree analysis, process safety, flash point, process safety management, fire protection, safety device, fire, safety procedure, printed warning label, toxic chemical safety code, safety standard, occupational health, safety recordkeeping, railroad safety, protective clothing, plastics safety, Occupational Safety and Health Administration regulation, noise level safety code, National Fire Protection Association code, industrial hygiene, industrial gas safety, flammable material handling, fire safety code, fire investigation, electrical safety, contractor safety, chemical safety, administrative control

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