Expert by Big Village success: Website award!

We’ve been working hard to deliver continuous improvement for our clients, as well as for the experts in our network. So… what is our team doing to make good on that promise?

First, we’ve been undertaking interviews and discussions with the experts in our network to constantly refine our business model and keep our website up to date. We keep in touch with these consultants to ensure they have a strong sense of how to best provide advice and testimony, and that their thought leadership is represented accurately and usefully on our website.

Second, we’ve been holding interviews with our returning clients, law firms and corporations, to understand your needs and priorities. Here is a bit of what we’ve learned from you.

The pace of change is accelerating so fast, you don’t have time for finding, vetting, and managing experts and consultants. Vetting thought leaders creates its own set of issues and essential requirements: Untested experts create and present major headaches for you. Outside of Expert by Big Village, agencies may provide or suggest limited selections of experts, of whom their candidates may not possess relevant or sufficient expertise for your situation. Expert by Big Village’s customer service offers an indispensable asset to you as our staff liaises between expert and client to relay important questions about the engagement. We also instill a crucial personal touch into our work together — an inherently communication-based, collaborative journey. Finally, our team handles contracts and coaching, which would otherwise demand hours of your limited time.

As litigation becomes more complex, experts and their thought leadership have become more essential to attorneys. IP litigation is now more international, multijurisdictional, and complicated for the companies involved than ever before. As a result, time and cost for discovery is growing for attorneys and their clients alike. Moreover, as technology generates staggering amounts of case-related data, experts themselves become more essential to sift through quantifiable information and lend their own experience-based insight.

Third, our account executives undertake regular communication with our clients to ensure value to you. After a project has concluded, we reach out to discuss:

  1. What did our team members and our experts do successfully?
  2. What didn’t go well with this engagement?
  3. What can our team members and our experts do better next time?

Our last and most exciting note: Expert by Big Village has won two Silver Awards from W3 for excellence in best practices for website features and law and legal service categories! As you know, our team is always striving to create the best experience for our clients and our experts. Our latest client-facing website design reflects this commitment to excellence. Explore our website here and find the expert you need:

…and read the official award success story:

Finally, thank you for your continued work with us! We appreciate your collaboration, ongoing outreach, and attention to success. As always, we encourage you to connect with us anytime to share any questions or reactions to the above — or to any aspects of working with our expert network.

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