Got a problem? We’ve got big solutions!

We’re proud to assist clients with our personal approach, and attentive care. But our crown jewel in meeting customer needs is — you guessed it — our experts. Looking for a consultant or a litigation contribution in intellectual property? Great! We’ve got 455+ ready and waiting for you. How about medical devices? Perfect! We have 490+ willing to help however you need. Oil and gas, perhaps? No problem! We have 240+ with the perfect credentials. No matter the industry, we’ve got you covered.

The reviews are in!

Let us show you one highly impressive expert in particular: Joseph G.

Joseph enrolled with Expert by Big Village in 1991 and has been taking projects with us since then. A biomass expert with over five decades’ industry experience, Joseph has been CEO of his own consultancy for over 30 years. Joseph’s thought leadership is informed by an engineering career that spans corporate, firm, and government — and a Master’s-level education in Mechanical Engineering.

“The Simple Guide to Expert Networking”

Want to learn more about how Expert by Big Village can help your business? Check out our new blog post, “The Simple Guide to Expert Networking,” by our experienced sales associate Kekoa Rosa. Kekoa breaks down the four ways you can use our business: Kekoa’s explanation goes into depth to make our services as easy as possible to understand.


Don’t hesitate to reach out to our team at, explore our directory, or request an expert anytime.

From all of us here at the Village, thank you!

–  the Expert by Big Village team

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