Ready to up your SEO game?

We’re always looking for ways to bring more business to you.

As a member of Expert ENGINE’s longstanding network, you know our team is always striving to earn and win business for you. Recently we shared a newsletter on updating your Expert ENGINE profile to draw clients to you and generate requests and revenue.


Linking your business website or LinkedIn profile to Expert ENGINE can help with that.

By linking to your profile on Expert ENGINE, prospective clients know you’ve been vetted and recognized as an expert in your field by a known expert agency — Expert ENGINE. Our website, along with the following SEO optimization tactics, can help drive traffic and business to your profile.

With search engine algorithms built to identify sites linking to one another, Google and other browsers can verify backlinks and use this information to tag a site or profile as trustworthy. Google ranks vetted, topic-relevant sites and directs traffic to them. So, the more sites that backlink to your profile on Expert ENGINE, the easier it will be for prospects and clients to find your profile on Expert ENGINE and request to work with you!

Search engines incorporate a website’s “lifespan’ into its algorithms, positioning older, established sites as more relevant sources. Thus, “newcomer websites” have a harder time ranking in search engine results, especially when competing against 10-year-old websites. Luckily, Expert ENGINE has been live for almost 40 years, which means your expert profile will have history too.


With these strategies in mind, here’s how to link to Expert ENGINE.

Write a short sentence on your own website, or LinkedIn profile, that notes your membership with Expert ENGINE. For example:

I am also a vetted and approved emergency room services thought leader with the longstanding Expert ENGINE network.

Find your Expert ENGINE bio on our public site by pasting your expert ID into this search field and selecting “Find an Expert.”

Then click on your profile and copy your personal URL from the address bar.

Using this URL, return to that short sentence above and highlight relevant information — e.g., “vetted and approved emergency room services thought leader” — and hit ctrl+k.

Paste your Expert ENGINE profile URL into the hyperlink prompt — and voilà! By using backlinks and established history, your own site will rank higher against competitors.

As a bonus, search engines prioritize links within relevant text. Avoid using vague phrases like “click here” or an unrelated word and incorporate keywords into hyperlinks to optimize your profile’s search-ability.


Ready to up your SEO game?

In a nutshell? Linking between your website and your Expert ENGINE profile helps you attract and win clients — and helps us, too! If you have any trouble using our SEO strategies, please reach out to our team. We are more than happy to walk you through the essentials.


About the author

Zaq Baker has worked on the Expert ENGINE team from 2015 to present. He writes newsletters for experts like you regarding best practices for paid work. He also furnishes success stories regarding thought leadership achievements and interesting projects via our panel. In addition to regularly brokering consultations between experts like you and leaders within our parent company — the Engine Group — Zaq also assists experts with website and enrollment concerns. He’ll be more than happy to field your questions on linking between your site and your Expert ENGINE profile. Feel free to reach out to Zaq on this topic or any others at (952) 853-1579 or via email anytime!

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