An Expert Outlook on a Global Dilemma

Expert in Strategic Advisory on Electrification Markets and Renewable Energies

Interview with network expert, Christian

The automotive industry is undergoing radical change toward electrification… but how long- lasting are these developments? Throughout the U.S. and Europe, advisory organizations are monetizing understandable anxieties — maybe even yours — about being left behind. These advisors allege the certainty of a new, bright future, and they’re promising to help industry players abandon the past and present. Experts, however, dare to ask: How accurate are these industry forecasts?

To get to the heart of these issues, the Expert by Big Village recruiting team held an in-depth interview with longtime automotive and renewable energy thought leader, Christian. Based in Germany, Christian possesses wide-ranging experience in the automotive, EV (electric vehicle), and renewable energy industries in Europe and the United States. In addition to consulting with Expert by Big Village, Christian’s current title is Senior Product Marketing Manager, where he specializes in automotive market trends. Having worked in this field for 20 years, Christian’s recent prior roles include Global Business Development Manager for Electrification Products; Project Manager for a major automotive company; and self-employed sourcing expert and firm owner for trade data intelligence.

Let’s get into it. Many automotive players are already working in the EV market, and it stands to reason they’re following market trends through easy public resources, like press or data and analytics providers. For example, market publications provide long-term car sales projects but never look deeply beyond their sector. Instead, they consolidate industry players’ public announcements — a self-reinforcing bubble. But by relying on surface-level industry guides, these organizations (yours?) might be navigating their own field blindly. Awareness of the current market, in other words, doesn’t beget an awareness of the market risks on the horizon.

If you ask Christian — and we did — the EV market is truly worldwide. Tier One manufacturers play globally, in every region. And like many fields, the electric vehicle landscape isn’t limited to one country or even one continent. In the next installment of our interview with Christian, the Expert by Big Village team drills into a few admitted differences between [a] European nations and the United States, and [b] Chinese OEM’s — and how their defining characteristics might influence your business’ expansion and success. Of the former, NAFTA and the EU each follow their own strategies, though they are similar

We’ll share numerous insights from Christian’s discussion, beginning with different influences on customer demand, the technological limitations of the electrification mega trend, the role of the energy sector — e.g. renewable energies — and, finally, the public perception of latest discoveries in climate science. They all impact the automotive industry ecosystem but are rarely ever considered in context. We explore these external factors, customer demand, regulation, market intelligence, and myriad other essential components impacting the changes, and mainstays, of this industry. Keep your eyes open for the next batch of detail from Christian’s interview and get familiar with the hidden pitfalls of the automotive transformation.

Interested in learning more in the meantime? Don’t hesitate to request Christian or another energy expert, reach out to the author of this article, check out our new video, or explore Expert by Big Village’s variety of services.

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