Imaginative Industry Insight: Innovative Inklings in Inspiring Interviews

Your organization has new product. You’ve been preparing for a long time, and now you have exciting ideas about how to make your customers happy — and how to win over some new customers, too. So how do you stay ahead of the competitors in your field?

Recently, a client in the red-hot field of 3D printing came to Expert ENGINE close to the finish line for their new product launch. Their company was planning to go public — and they were aiming high with publicity. With an eye first and foremost toward customer desires, their organization wasn’t willing to step forward until they had compiled information about what customers currently want, what they may want in the future, and what they see in their product. Our client also wanted to know what qualities 3D printer users outside their customer base felt they were missing and might be able to implement. The mission? Interview a set of 3D printing enthusiasts, gather their perspectives, and take those viewpoints into account for their product release and ongoing work.

Follow Fortune: Flexibly Finding First-hand Feedback for Firms’ Fruition


As in many of our projects, the Expert ENGINE team was working under a tight timeline and with a very specific set of interviewee criteria. We engaged our client in a thorough dialogue from the very start so we understood their need, scope of work, and participant criteria exactly. We shared specific questions about practitioners’ additive manufacturing brand use, profile, and hobbyism that tend not to appear on a résumé — all specifications that pushed and extended Expert ENGINE’s traditional interview parameters for subject matter experts. Ever limber, our team used our variety of recruiting services to give our client just what they needed.

Our client’s emphases for interviewees included:

  • A variety of user perspectives
  • The interviewee’s actual day-to-day use of the printer, including decision-making, purchasing criteria, and their additive manufacturing applications
  • Places consumers are going to learn how to use these products online

Aspirational Asks, Amenable Accommodations, and All Applicable Angles


The client wanted to emphasize the “buyer journey” with a significant interest in larger businesses, especially in B2B settings. They were focused on a specific, new, expensive 3D printing model. The big questions in each interview: Why did you buy this model? What did you like about it? What pushed you toward selecting that one as opposed to another on the market? The situation — “we don’t know what we don’t know” — created an exciting challenge: Filling gaps in our client’s understanding of their customer perspective using first-hand testimonials from 3D printer users.

We developed the screener in collaboration with our client so all parties would be 100% confident on a fit for an interview by the time we had the consultation on the books.

Once we started recruiting and screening participants, we always kept our client updated. Throughout the project, not a day went by without an informative exchange about our team recruiting or decision-making. Our client made use of Expert ENGINE’s trademark openness, progress updates, instant access to interview audio files, and organized approach. We also completed all interviews well in advance of the deadline!

Eager? Engage Expert ENGINE Entering Every Exciting Exchange


Clients typically approach Expert ENGINE for the massive network at our fingertips. We’re proud to offer several other core strengths, too. Above all else, it’s about client care. We listen carefully to your need, communicate with diligence and enthusiasm, and offer endless flexibility and teamwork. Our skills include a sharp set of resources and well-developed experience in custom and premium recruiting outside the experts already enrolled with us. When you need a knowledge exchange, look no further. We’ll find and vet the experts and practitioners you need — and we always get it done on time.

Steady Services: Scoping, Searching, Sourcing, Screening, Scheduling


Need a series of interviews to help your business? Reach out to Expert ENGINE today!





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