The Client Chronicles

Happy November! Thank you for your continued work with Expert by Big Village, where our goal is always to connect you with thought leaders and practitioners whose spheres of knowledge and career histories fit the opportunities you need to win.

We want to tell you more about Big Village’s offerings — over and above the expert services you already use and love. Are you looking for data-driven insights to support your business needs? Search no further than Big Village’s suite of Insights services, which include robust quantitative and qualitative research alike.

Big Village’s specific Insights pillars include CARAVAN — an agile survey system. CARAVAN is an omnibus (shared cost) offering with an emphasis on immediate data and flexible pricing to enable your needs. You can find some examples of the insights discovered through our survey’s here. We’re also happy to connect you with Hives — an online community and customer engagement platform. The goal of Hives is to plug you meaningfully into your customers’ or employees’ interests and desires so you can most effectively meet them where they are. In Big Village’s latest blog, you’ll learn why our Hives communities provide opportunities to better understand your consumers.

Keen on learning more about Expert by Big Village — or tapping into a consultant today? Check out our directory, which houses thousands of thought leaders, each of whom we’ve vetted personally for top-notch credentials, fascinating work experience, authentic leadership, and viable professional references. We’ll get you on the phone with these experts for screening as soon as you reach out. These experts are also available to help you win projects and cases via on-site problem-solving, report review, and other avenues for high-quality work.

We’re also proud to share numerous stories of expert success. Explore these case studies for a sense of how the Expert by Big Village team folds thought leadership into a variety of project types — all with client wins in mind. Our hard work and significant value extends across litigation, consulting and additional forms of expert insight.

Reach out to our team — Lindsey, Abby or Zaq — today! All three of us focus on project management, expert enrollment, and client-facing work. No two days are the same. When you contact us, we’ll get you started quickly with expert work, tell you more about Expert by Big Village offerings or services through our broader companies, and/or connect you with one of our account executives right away.

We look forward to our next chance to work with you!

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