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Expert ID: 738422 Michigan, USA

Expert in Automotive, Mechanical Engineering, Purchasing, Sourcing, Management

As a dedicated professional throughout Expert's career, he has built a track record in delivering complex projects within budget and timeline, leading to cost savings and profitability within a highly regulated industry and fast-paced corporate environment. He has attained comprehensive…

Expert ID: 738476 Portugal

Expert in Automotive Engineering and Lead Manufacturing Engineering

Expert has spent years developing strong problem-solving and analytical skills. One of his primary exemplary duties was to prepare a quality report with all data extracted to the company's 15 machines that apply 25 million components every day, which deals…

Expert ID: 738328 United Arab Emirates

Expert in Engineering, Construction and Contract Management

Contracts Manager / Projects Director with experience as Engineering Expert Witness at the Ministry of Justice and Abu Dhabi Judicial Department – UAE. Over 35 years of construction and contract management experienced in Airports, Hospitals, Hotels and Residential buildings. This…

Expert ID: 738084 Colombia

Expert in Electrical Engineering: Transformer Design, Manufacturing Process, Creating Plant Built Instructions, Technical Data Sheets, Resolving Technical Problems, etc.

Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering and +16 years of experience in transformer design, manufacturing process, creating plant built instructions, technical data sheets, resolving technical problems, providing technical support to other departments, and optimizing transformer costs from Design. High understanding…

Expert ID: 738166 Colorado, USA

Expert in Mechanical Engineering

Expert is a mechanical engineer with experience in design and manufacturing. He worked at a DOD company for 2.5 years; Started as a manufacturing engineer and then transitioned into R&D. Now I work in the R&D department for an OEM…

Expert ID: 736859 Tennessee, USA

Expert in Mechanical Engineering, Rocket Science, Research and Development: Manufacturing and Design

Licensed mechanical engineer, rocket scientist, and former director of research and development with manufacturing and design experience as well as hands on experience with the retail and wholesale bicycle industry, nuclear industry, consumer products, license plate cameras, cooking appliances and…

Expert ID: 737871 California, USA

Expert in Civil Engineering

A licensed professional engineer (PE) in California with 25 years of experience in hydrology, hydraulics, civil engineering, land development, environmental engineering, environmental compliance, and engineering management. Goals & Career Driver Inspiring people and organizations to achieve goals and reach their…

Expert ID: 737776 Pennsylvania, USA

Expert in Engineering, Construction, Standard of Care

Expert has 25 years of engineering experience working on regional, national and global projects in designing, consulting, project and construction management, operations, facilities and real estate, contract administration, engineering finance, and economics. He has provided subject matter expertise in engineering,…

Expert ID: 737701 North Carolina, USA

Expert in Mechanical Engineering Design and Development, 3D Printing, Additive Manufacturing

Expert is a Mechanical Engineer focusing on Design and Development. He has broad experience in industry, including Military, Automotive, Computing Hardware, Lighting and Utility Metering. His Engineering education is from Virginia Tech. Skills: Design team leadership working with cross-functional teams;…

Expert ID: 737477 Pakistan

Expert in Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering

Expert is an Aerospace Engineer, with extensive experience in the Aerospace industry, having specializations in Spacecraft Design and Satellite Propulsion. He is currently working as Associate Professor of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering in the higher education sector. Expert has been…

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