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ID: 739716 Texas, USA

Risk Management, Stakeholder Engagement, Standardized Procedures, OSHA, Regulatory, EPA Compliance

Expert has over 29 years of experience in both general industry and construction safety. He has worked in both the private sector and for the government. Expert has experience in both the general industry and commercial construction. He has worked…

ID: 739740 California, USA

Real Estate: Brokerage, Class \’B\’ Contracting, Remodeling, Damage Assessment, and Risk Management

Expert is licensed as a General “B” Contractor since 1989, and has worked on numerous projects, mostly in the realm of a remodeling perspective. His focus has been on kitchen and bathroom remodels, opening up rooms, moving electrical and plumbing,…

ID: 739661 New York, USA

Financial Risk Management, Risk, Governance, Regulatory Change Management, Financial Services, and Financial Literacy Coaching and Teaching

A financial services executive, Expert specializes in the development and implementation of enterprise risk management and governance frameworks. She advises companies on aligning mission and strategy with operating models and controls. She also troubleshoots and remediates operational and regulatory issues.…

ID: 739591 Arkansas, USA

Meat Packing, Management, Food Safety, Quality Control, Production, Sales, Market Forecasting, Cost Analysis, Risk Management

Expert has worked in beef plants and corporate beef purchasing, sales, and quality positions. He considers himself an expert in the beef side of the business (from slaughter to packaging). Expert worked on the corporate slaughter side of the largest…

ID: 739375 Texas, USA

Internal Audit & Risk Management

Expert has over 30 years of Internal Audit experience. His last three positions (over 20 years) were leading the Internal Audit function at publicly traded companies, where he is responsible for selecting and implementing any audit, risk, and whistleblower program…

ID: 736808 Senegal

Fintech, Risk Management, Information Security, Revenue Assurance, and Audits

Expert has over 16 years' experience in risk management, compliance, cash management, information security, revenue assurance, auditing, and data analytics. He has carried out missions in many companies in Senegal, Benin, Togo, Ghana, Tanzania, Djibouti, Cote d’Ivoire and Mali. Expert…

ID: 737237 Pennsylvania, USA

Legal, Litigation and Risk Management

Expert began his education as a Forensic Profiler in 1988. His training includes: • Bachelor of Science, Applied Police Science • Counterterrorism / Intelligence – [NATO JADL] • ADL Advanced Training Program - Federal Law Enforcement Training Center [FLETC] Expert…

ID: 738319 Michigan, USA

Zip Line Accidents, Aerial Adventure Park Accidents, Adventure Activity Operations, Tour Operator Risk Management

Expert is an industry-leading adventure tour operator and business consultant with more than 29 years of experience designing, developing, and operating zip line canopy tours, aerial adventure parks, and traditional challenge course programs. Expert serves as the President of a…

ID: 737060 Spain

Governance, Risk and Compliance; Risk Management, Operational Risk

Seasoned Chief Risk Officer, trained in a Big 4 accountancy firm, offering an uncommon blend of creative, talented experience in enterprise governance, risk, and compliance management, in the financial sector, globally, together with proven ability to apply new ideas, resourcefulness,…

ID: 736145 New York, USA

Finance, Operations, Risk Management, and Compliance-Related Matters

Expert has been an equity derivatives trader for nearly three decades, serving in roles ranging from a market maker on exchange floors (CBOE, CBOT, AMEX), derivatives trader at sell side banks (Merrill Lynch, BNP Paribas, MF Global) and as a…

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