Energy & Natural Resources

For experts in energy and natural resources, Expert by Big Village provides leading services.

When you need expertise in energy and natural resources – from experts in wetlands, wildlife and environmental technologies to authorities in oil, gas, mining and coal – you can quickly find professionals at the top of their fields through Expert by Big Village.

Since 1984, Expert by Big Village has been connecting businesses of all sizes to experts in a wide variety of disciplines, including construction, engineering and other disciplines related to energy and natural resources. Our dedication to cultivating experts of the highest quality has enabled us to serve many of the world’s leading brands, including more than half of the Fortune 500.

Finding experts in energy and natural resources with Expert by Big Village is easy. You may browse our directory now to see the range of experts available to you. Or you may submit an Expert Request to get assistance from our team in finding the specific energy and natural resources expertise you require. For answers to your questions or for more personal assistance, please call 1-800-833-8055.

Featured Experts

How Expert by Big Village connects you with authorities in energy and natural resources.

At Expert by Big Village we have cultivated a roster of more than 10,000 experts in a wide variety of fields, including many authorities in energy and natural resources. When you contact us with a description of your needs for expertise, we’ll review your requirements and provide you with a short list of potential experts best suited to your needs. You’ll have the chance to interview each expert by phone before deciding whether to contract them for a project.

Services offered by our energy and natural resources experts.

Our experts in energy and natural resources offer comprehensive services that include:

  • Consulting on energy and natural resources projects, including technology-driven project consulting, manufacturing consulting and other consulting services to solve challenges, implement best practices, mitigate risk and improve compliance.
  • Research in fields related to energy and natural resources, including research into markets, technologies, suppliers and vendors, companies, and more.
  • Litigation support and expert witness testimony to assist in the legal process.

Why choose Expert by Big Village for energy and natural resources expertise?

When you work with Expert by Big Village to find expertise in energy and natural resources or in other fields like sanitation or petroleum & oil industry regulation, you can count on:

  • Quality. Our experts are peer-recommended professionals who have been rigorously screened and extensively evaluated against a list of objective and subjective criteria.
  • Simplicity. Finding an expert in energy and natural resources is easy with Expert by Big Village. When you complete an online Expert Request, our team will quickly review your needs, match your requirements to our roster of experts, and produce a short list of qualified candidates.
  • Flexibility. Our experts are available for everything from brief telephone consultations to extended on-site consulting projects.


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