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Expert ID: 738918 United Kingdom

Expert in Meteorological Matters

Ex British Royal Navy, founder & senior meteorologist at Employer, the U.K's longest established independent weather operator. Author of the book "Weather or Not? '- The Personal and Commercial Impacts of Weather and Climate. 40 years service within the meteorological…

Expert ID: 738903 Oregon, USA

Expert in Software Engineering, Software Architecture

15+ years architecting Software products and running R&D for Fortune 500 companies like Apple, Microsoft, and Nike. Hands-on Software Engineer and Entrepreneur looking to help people launch products and build world-class Software. Areas of expertise: Machine Learning, Big Data, AI,…

Expert ID: 738940 Kentucky, USA

Expert in Broadcast Meteorology

Expert is a local broadcast meteorologist with over 10 years of professional experience in 4 different markets and 3 time zones (Anchorage, AK; Jackson, MS; Cincinnati, OH; Indianapolis, IN; Cincinnati, OH). He specializes in weather graphics development, with an extensive…

Expert ID: 737111 Ohio, USA

Expert in Woodworking Machine, Hand Tool and Practices Expert

Expert in woodworking, machine hand tools and practices. He is an Educator, Consultant, and Expert Witness. In his current role, he instructs intensive programs in woodworking and woodturning. His company is a full-time program with permanent facilities in Parkman, OH.…

Expert ID: 738934 Belgium

Expert in Senior Software Engineer / IT Architect / Java Dev

Expert is a Senior Software Engineer, with 17 years of experience in software development, integrations and process automation, focusing on Backend, Java, Web, Microservices, Rest-APIs and Databases. He is experienced in analysis, design, development, maintenance, code review and support. He…

Expert ID: 738927 Texas, USA

Expert in Data, Product and Growth

Expert is a technology executive with 10+ years of experience building and running data science/engineering teams for technology startups like Citizen (based in New York) and public companies like Tesla (based in SF Bay Area). He has a proven track…

Expert ID: 738926 Illinois, USA

Expert in Technology, Emerging Tech/AI Specialty

Expert is an innovative Engineering Manager with wide-ranging experience driving continuous innovation through software engineering, application development, and solutions architecture. Have a proven track record of success in understanding and translating business requirements into technical requirements and delivering fit-for-purpose product…

Expert ID: 738219 Texas, USA

Expert in Weather Prediction, Analysis, And Forensic Meteorology with an Emphasis on Broadcast, Digital, and Social Media Weather Information

Meteorologist with 25 years experience in multiple facets of weather prediction and analysis including broadcast, severe weather, and forensics.

Expert ID: 738870 New Jersey, USA

Expert in Professor of Medicine, Clinical Endocrinologist, Nutritionist, and Senior Scientist

Expert is a clinician-scientist, a medical educator, and an expert in clinical endocrinology, osteoporosis and metabolic bone disease, diabetes, vitamin D, COVID-19, and nutrition. He holds numerous distinctions as an educator, author, inventor, researcher, innovator, executive board member, administrator, and…

Expert ID: 738868 Florida, USA

Expert in Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Expert is the Founder & CTO of a software-based search marketing agency based in Miami Beach. He has over two decades of experience in organic search (SEO) strategy, the vast majority spent architecting marketing automation platforms for enterprise e-commerce retailers…

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