Intellex Acquires Expert by Big Village

We're thrilled to announce that Intellex has acquired Expert by Big Village, effective March 22, 2024. This strategic move enhances our capabilities and strengthens our commitment to delivering exceptional solutions to our customers.

Stay tuned for more updates on how this acquisition will benefit our clients and experts.

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Expert by Big Village clients report tremendous value in working with our experts to address their diverse needs for expertise.  Our experts currently cover over 30,000 areas of expertise, and we are adding new experts and areas every day.  Below are examples of the range of both Corporate Success and Legal Success you can achieve by taking the first step of submitting an expert request.

Warning Label Found to Have Been Present

A law firm’s machinery manufacturer client needed to establish that they took effective measures to ensure the safe use of their product. One of those measures was proper warning labels. An Expert by Big Village expert demonstrated that the warning label was originally present by identifying adhesive residue in the spot where the label was located.

Green Production Process Enabled for Key Markets

Working with a manufacturing client, an Expert by Big Village expert-created profiles of the US and European marketplace for a selected family of industrial chemicals, prioritizing important opportunities and developing marketing strategy and implementation recommendations for “greener” chemicals made using a new, environmentally friendly manufacturing process. Leveraging additional insight from interviews with key industry players and published information sources, the expert provided the critical intelligence the client needed to ramp up pilot plant production of the greener manufacturing process and deliver samples to potential customers in high-priority segments.

Packaging Design Brainstorming a Success

An Expert by Big Village expert was invited to speak to designers at a major packaging manufacturer about opportunities for custom packaging in food service. The expert presented an overview of the food service industry and specifically addressed restaurant operations from receipt of ingredients to delivery of finished menu items to the customer. The expert then led a brainstorming session with the design group which was videotaped for presentation to company management. The company used this detailed information as the basis for the development and launch of several new packaging products for selected food service companies.

Product Design Assistance Results in Improvements

Expert by Big Village was asked to identify an expert who could help with product design including identifying proper industry standards for the client company. After reviewing the design that the client company had developed, the Expert by Big Village expert made 3 major suggestions that reduced the cost of the final product, made it more reliable, and put the client company in touch with a major supplier whose sourcing allowed the client company to manufacturer their product on-shore rather than send it off-shore.

Expansion Mistake Avoided

An Expert by Big Village expert was asked by an herb growing company to investigate the prospects of a market expansion of a particular food industry herb for sales into the personal care industry. The expert presented detailed research that showed the percentage of use of this herb in cosmetics was too minuscule and the need too limited to warrant the grower spending time trying to market it to personal care product manufacturers. Without this research, the company would have spent wasted time and money attempting to market this herb to an industry where they would not have gotten the anticipated return on their investment.


Analysis Reveals Acquisition as Best Option

Expert by Big Village clients were considering an alliance, partnership, or acquisition of a company. This expert’s role was to evaluate the products and capabilities of the company relative to other companies and the state of the art. He documented his conclusions and the client was able to make a judicious decision to buy.


Design Review Provides Powerful Results

An Expert by Big Village expert was retained by the owner of a hydroelectric project to monitor the CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) design of twin runners for a reaction hydraulic Francis turbine unit because the CFD contractor had never previously designed a turbine runner. The owner wanted an ongoing expert design review to ensure the suitability of the runner design in comparison to Francis runners in general. The expert’s critiques contributed to the success of the project with the final result being the unit produced 20% more power at a lower head than the project had anticipated.

Overseas Market Expansion Launched

What is the typical washing temperature for clothing in Japan? What is the water hardness in Taiwan? What’s the average wash load size in Korea? To the technical marketers responsible for introducing a new biodegradable laundry soap to Far East markets, these were not trivia game questions. The answers would comprise the “go/no-go” information for expansion into new markets. Mindful that primary research was expensive and time-consuming, the marketers wondered if the answers existed elsewhere. A brief search of the Expert by Big Village expert network uncovered an appliance design engineer who had helped develop washing machines for international markets. In the first phone call, he answered most of the marketers’ questions and provided the insight needed to make informed decisions about the market opportunity.

Expert Chemical Analysis Finds No Benzene

An individual was claiming that a solvent he used in the workplace contained benzene and caused him to develop leukemia. Through chemical analysis, an Expert by Big Village expert conclusively showed that benzene was not present in the solvent.

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